Scarpinato talks about FI’s relations with Cosa Nostra but the microphone is turned off: La Russa silences him while he is saying ‘Marcello Dell’Utri’

“About his willingness to hold one line of firmness against the mafiagive me perplexity, given that your majority is also based on a political force whose leader he kept multi-year relationships with the mafia and which it has among its founding members Marcello Dell’Ut …“. Roberto Scarpinato was saying the name of the right arm of Silvio Berlusconiconvicted of external complicity in mafia association, when the microphone of the former attorney general of Palermo it is turned off.

“Thank you”, said the president of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa. Who replied to the protests of Scarpinato and the senators of the M5s: “I gave you two more minutes, if you want to conclude. I see that they are very keen for you to go beyond two minutes ”. In truth Scarpinato had exceeded the intervention time of one minute and ten seconds. “You gave the others more than two minutes more,” replied Scarpinato, referring for example to the intervention of Senator Biancofiore, which was almost three minutes longer. “If you don’t care, I can finish here, president, is obviously not welcome ”, continued the former magistrate. Who then, applauded by the 5 stars and a part of the senators of the Democratic Party, concluded his speech. “You see, President we are our choices, the choices we make, and for some time now you have chosen which side to be on, not on the side of the least”.

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