Scientist mistakes salami for the star Proxima Centauri: “Sorry, I was wrong”

The scientist French Étienne Klein has led people to believe that one slice of chorizo ​​salami Was a distant star taken in space. But it was actually a deception. The 64-year-old used the trick on Twitter to raise awareness of fake news shared on social media.

Klein claimed the photo showed Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun, and which was 4.2 light years away. But it was all a big hoax. A new world is revealed day after dayThe post was liked and retweeted thousands of times by users who blindly thought that the best scientist would publish nothing but the truth.

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He eventually admitted that the photo was actually Spain’s national sausage, after some questioned its authenticity. “In light of some comments, I feel I need to clarify that the tweet allegedly showing a snapshot of Proxima Centauri was a form of entertainment,” she said.

«We learn to be wary of the claims of [figure di] authority as well as the spontaneous eloquence of certain images – he said -. I offer my apologies to those whom my joke, not at all original, could have shocked. The good news is that some people have figured out the trick. ‘

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