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In all of the areas you are trying to bring some answers on the new coronavirus, Sars-CoV-2), and disease caused by it (Covid-19), the science may have gotten it faster than ever before. By the end of march, researchers from around the world had already been published, 642 scientific studies, especially about the new virus and a new disease, which the appearance has been reported to occur at the end of last year in China. This is an average of about one study every three hours.

They are the scientists, the chinese, by the way, who are leading the work; 37 per cent of the research on the new type of coronavirus, and a new disease, on the back of an author from a research institution in China. The United states, the United Kingdom, and Germany, appear in succession as the leaders in the work. Taken together, these four countries account for over half of the new academics in this area.

All of these studies are devoted to understand the origin and the the transmission of the diseaseother forms of diagnosis, the genome of the new virus, the progression of the statistics of the pandemic, treatment. There is a specific analysis of the first cases in the united states, in Europe and in the middle east. There are also works on the mental health on the social impact of the pandemic on the global economy.

What this means is, basically, what the researchers in all the fields of knowledge they are looking for a pandemic.

Brazil is not far behind in the new releases is on the 16th place in the world of new research, specifically on the Covid-19 in 2020 and to 1.6% of the total published. The work of researchers at Fiocruz and the university of são paulo’s state university (Unesp (State University of são paulo), the Instituto Evandro Chagas and universidade federal de Uberlândia (minas gerais), Viçosa, in the West, in the state of Bahia, Pará and Paraná. Everyone in the co-authorship with international work.

There is also, by the year 2020, with 80 new articles in international scientific over other types of coronaviruses. Taken in the aggregate, are in 722 the results of research, previously unpublished, about the Covid-19, new viruses and other types of coronaviruses so far this year.

The foremost among them in terms of the impact of the academic left in the medical journal The Lancet, on the 15th of February, with the results presented on the 24th of January. Led by the Hospital’s Yin-and-tan, Wuhan, China, and the work that has examined the characteristics of the 41 patients, confirmed by the Covid-19 jan. It was the first systematic study with a more clear understanding of the disease.

In this work, it was mentioned in one of the 124 new research in the days after its release. He has received more than 1.4 thousand citations in Google Scholar, which includes the information in the work is not scholarly.

Well-known in the science of the coronavirus have been reported for the first time in 1968, in an editorial in the journal science, a british Nature. Since then, researchers around the world have published 22.705 scientific papers on the subject. For the purposes of this comparison, there is a 19.174 articles about a (H1N1) since the infectious agent has appeared in academic journals in 1973.

In the series, the university of são paulo also concentrates 43% of the brazilian publications about the coronavirus, followed by the Unifesp (Federal University of São Paulo, brazil). Among the ten brazilian institutions and that most have studied the subject over the past few decades, they are still at Fiocruz and Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.

Today, there are researchers working in institutions around the country that are dedicated to the brand new coronavirus, and the Covid-19. Many people have reported difficulty because of the cut in resources for science. One of the surveys co-ordinated by professor Fernando Lucas de Melo, Institute of Biological Sciences of the University, for example, you have to have an funding of a phd and be cut off by the federal agency Capes), linked to the MINISTRY. A student who has run out of resources I was dealing with the sequencing of the genome of the new coronavirus.

The articles with the latest research on the new coronavirus and the Covid-19 championship has been given priority in the scientific journals from all over the world. Some of them have the date of the issue of scientific advance. The others are in “early access”, that is, they were peer-reviewed by scientists and accepted for publication but have not yet been assigned to a specific issue. Even commercial publishers, the majority of the work is open access, to allow scientists from around the world to monitor the results.

A survey of the work on all types of coronavirus, a new coronavirus and the Covid-19 championship has been done by the The sheet on the 1st of April, starting from the key words on the basis of the journals in the international Web of Science using the same methodology to that of the RUF (Ranking Universitário Folha). On the basis of the national journal-academic Journal is in Web of Science, joined the search.

It was not found any research work that you have named the new pathogen “virus in china. Science does not depends on the name of the virus to their place of origin. This has happened in the past, with the “Spanish flu”, that is, there is some evidence, to have emerged in fact in the United States.

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