Sebastian Galassi, the student-rider who died in Florence during a delivery and was fired the next day with an (automatic) email

He was studying design and graphics for the web and in the meantime, for keephe did home delivery the evening. It is by working as a rider that Sebastian Galassi26 year old Florentine, he lost his life in a car accident last October 2nd. The next morning, the family members read ane-mailsent to the boy’s address by the delivery company Glovofor which Galassi was working before he died: a automatic messagewhich announced the dismissal by Sebastian for “il failure to comply with terms and conditions“. The company fired its employee, who lost his life in that job after his death. The company immediately contacted the family to apologize for the automatic message “sent by mistake “.

Sebastian Galassi remained orphan of mother a few years earlier. In his spare time he enjoyed playing soccer in the Lion King team. The night before the accident, Saturday 1 October, he was delivering a cena at home with his scooter in via De Nicola, when he violently collided with a suv Land Rover. The exact dynamics of the accident are yet to be ascertained. The clash was fatal for the boy, who despite being promptly admitted to the Careggi hospital, was in such serious condition that it was not possible to save him. On Sebastian Galassi’s death now investigate the judiciary, which will pass the examination cameras installed along the street: they may have filmed the scene. Thus grows the sad list of deaths at work in the sector of delivery. In 2022, as recalled by the mayor of Florence Nardella in a message of condolence for the death of Galassi, in Tuscany there were others two deaths at work while making home deliveries: William De Rosewho lost his life last March 25 in Livorno, Romulo Sta Ana, who died on January 29 in Montecatini. A few weeks ago he also lost his life Roman Emiliano Zapatawho died on 19 September on the Terragno, in the Treviso area.

There CGIL Florentine, in expressing closeness to the Galassi family, announced one 24 hour strike for next 5th October. Ilaria Lanigeneral secretary Nuove Identità di Lavoro (Nidil) CGIL Firenze, the trade union structure of the CGIL that represents and protects atypical workers, told the that a appeal to consumers and citizenship: refrain from ordering at home through the delivery platforms. “We have been denouncing the precarious conditions of this sector and of those who work in this sector. In particular, of those who work with the three digital platforms who keep their pay piecework and the contract of self-employment“. Lani refers to Glovo, Deliveroo and Uber, companies adhering to Assodelivery: “We have an open discussion with these companies. These workers are not framed correctly and we must ensure that they are guaranteed all safeguards of dependent work, starting from a wage per hour “.

In fact, the workers of these delivery platforms, not being sure of being able to set aside a salary at the end of the month, in order to make more deliveries and earn more are forced to run. “A perverse mechanism”, comments Lani, “which is the basis ofhigh accident rate in the sector: the risk that this type of work already brings with it becomes exponential when the worker is induced to run. Because with an extra delivery you get paid more and the algorithm takes you into greater consideration when assigning deliveries ”. The companies, Lani continues, argue that it is the workers who prefer this salary and organizational model, which would be “freer and more flexible”, but it is not: most riders have only this economic income and a model that would ensure – according to the trade unions, but also the workers – an hourly wage would be same bellhops to request it. “The feeling is that these companies base their competition solely on the speed of delivery that customers have become accustomed to. But it is the workers who pay the price and we as a trade union, with this strike, want to send a message of alarm to consumers as well ”.

The issue of piecework pay is the issue on which the confrontation between trade unions and society stops: competition in the sector pushes people to run, and their organization seems to be based on this “running”. A fact that should question all citizens, adds Lani. “Because the risk is for them and for us at the same time: if there are hundreds of delivery boys on the street who run to deliver the sandwich as soon as possible, the risk is also for the pedestrian which is in their way. In Florence, for example, we hear a lot about the theme of pedestrian areas: some companies send workers to make the routes in the pedestrian areas by bicycle, to be faster ”. A stalemate, he concludes, despite the fact that the rule exists (“even if it certainly can be improved”) and “we have plenty of judgments – court of Florence, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Palermo – who continue to say that these workers must be classified differently. But to date it is not possible to follow up on the sentences, building an adequate one regulation of the sector “.

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