Sector to see nearly US$8,000 million entering Argentina in 2022 calls for Uruguay to copy

Buenos Aires – Criticism of the government, One of the Highest Dollar Earning Sectors to Argentina in 2022 are called to follow the example Uruguayan and warned that the current context threatens its expansion, Argecon, the entity that brings together companies knowledge economySubmitted yesterday hard report in which pointed against economic condition of the country more rules Posted by the financial team.

from Argencon he specifically aimed “economic and political instability” of the countryHe This only amplified the negative global economic context that affected the entire industry World of Knowledge in 2022. In this sense, stressed the distortion currency gap And in the rules for the field. Although He also highlighted the opportunities ahead and the interests of some provinces to generate centers or “cities of knowledge” throughout Argentine territory.

Global and Local Headwinds

latest version of argeeconomics reportIn line with the performance of knowledge industries during 2022, recalled last year Economic unrest affected all sectors of the global economyincluding knowledge industries.

“Several concurrent factors accumulated: the impact of the war in Ukraine on the cost of basic products, the inflationary spiral registered around the world, the sharp increase in interest rates as a stabilizing measure, the refocusing of trade flows towards reliable countries, and one of these events There is a deepening political confusion about how to deal with it”, he pointed out.

but he insisted on “These facts were exacerbated by our climate of endemic economic and political instability”.,

And in this sense, he gave the example: “The average gross salary of a software developer semi Senior It was as low as US$1,550 in January and not less than US$2,100 in December at the official exchange rate. This huge jump in the cost of exportable professional talent is emblematic of the degree of uncertainty and uncertainty of the environment in which knowledge industries operate in our country.

It happens that the value of the official dollar increased by 71% over the year, although said increase was less than inflation, which closed out 2022 at 94.8%. However, the study noted that “salaries in knowledge industries have increased by no less than 120%.”

All of this, marks the study, attacked the region. Although He pointed to exchange rate differences as when they face the biggest distortionsWhich ranges from 85% to 130% compared to the previous year.

record export

Despite all the difficulties of the sector during 2022 Heace Company Export Total knowledge economy registered by INDEC reaches US$7,834 million19.4% more than in 2021. But Far from celebrating it, he explained this to Argecon “This increase in the nominal value of exports This is more justified by the effect of delayed exchange rates on prices than by an increase in the volume of activity.,

Growth in exports from knowledge industries, the study added, This was not just a local phenomenon, Internationally, growth in the first three quarters of 2022 was 5.4%, according to data from the World Trade Organisation.Compared to the growth of 2021, which was 14.7%, a sharp decline has been observed”He cautioned, however, that this was expected due to two factors: the macroeconomic complications of world trade that have already been described following the invasion of Ukraine, and the progressive decline in the after-effects of the pandemic that have affected global markets. has accelerated the recovery of during 2021.

Nevertheless, and beyond these difficulties, the sector they are optimistic, It is that, as they explain, there is a tendency to concentrate trade flows in favor of contiguity globally (nearshoring) and political relations between governments (friendship, This restructuring of global trade flows, prompt, “This opens up a very attractive window of opportunity for countries that, like Argentina, are in geopolitically favored regions”,

,One case to highlight is the huge increase in exports from Uruguay.whose growth from year to year reaches 53.6%As per the data for the third quarter of 2022. Uruguayan exports are already represent more than 30% of ArgentinesWhen In 2010 they only reached 8%, This development is broadly explained as a Wise use of the flow of talent that migrates from our country”, he told in this regard.

Source: Municipality of Maldonadodfadi

federal opportunity

With regard to employment, the sector points out that, although the fourth quarter of last year saw a partial recession in some sectors, the turnover of personnel in all knowledge industries in Argentina remained at a very high level. , over 30% per annum in many companies.

But beyond this, the report sheds light on Another notable trend during 2022 was the opening up of job search across the national territory,

This represents an opportunity for the development of the knowledge economy, not only in the big cities but across the country. ,Popularization out of habit transmission Remote employment recruitment has accelerated. Many provincial governments have launched intensive activation plans for the knowledge economy. Locals are trying to set up digital jobs in their areas”, he said.

internal constraints

Despite these opportunities, the region exposed difficulties due to internal constraints. “Global geopolitical conditions open an important window of opportunity for Argentine export offers in all sectors of the knowledge economy. The barriers that make it difficult to better take advantage of this opportunity are still internal”, he pointed out.

In this regard, he pointed against the latest regulations affecting the sector. In particular, communication A 7518 of the Central Bank; DNU 679/2022 and Tech Monotribute Bill.

with respect to mechanization Regulation imposed by BCRA in June 2022who established a regime for eExporters can have free dollars to increase foreign exchange earnings by 50% from their sales abroadexpressed “The bureaucratic complexity of its implementation was such that the measure had no effect”.,

“rule failed”Summarized the executive director of Argencon, luis galeazziDuring the presentation of the Argenconomics report.

Central Bank of the Argentine Republic dfd

Did Subsequent DNU, which came in Octoberwhich instituted a regime with a similar format, reducing the amount of accessible dollars from 50% to 30%, said that “There is still no evidence of the effectiveness of this remedy”,

Did “Monotributo Tech” Bill which has half the approval of the Chamber of Deputies, is considered to be “Will create a greater pay disparity between freelancers who register as monoattributists and those who register as company employees who do not have access to free dollars with similar qualifications and experience”. The said project establishes the creation of a new category of monotributists with the right to access free dollars to the value of US$30,000 per year.

,The Smaller the Company, the More Affected by This Tech MonotributeGalliazzi added.

Finally, he remembered it “Another measure that affected the sector” was the application of import duties on computer equipment, Like tablet and computer. This regulation, he said, “will increase the cost of technical inputs in almost all industries in this sector.”

For all this, from Argencon they marked “The inheritance of these normsCoupled with the turbulence of the widely known macroeconomic context, Shows lack of conducive environment for expansion of knowledge industries As it happens in other countries.

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