Selena Gomez, 10 questions on beauty, make-up and mental health

The ranges inclusive of the shades of Rare Beauty

3. You talked about mental health: what is the connection between Rare Beauty and mental health?

I have a Rare Impact Fund foundation and my goal is to raise 100 million in ten years (1% of sales go to this foundation, ed). The idea is to help people have access to services, facilities, programs that support those suffering from mental illness. Beauty must be a tool to make you feel unique, rare.

4. I just wanted to ask you why did you call your brand Rare Beauty?

Rare is the title of a song of mine from 2020. I fell in love with this song and what it meant. At some point I say I’ll bet there’s somebody else out there to make me feel rare and I love the concept of rare. I am “proud” of this word. I also have a tattoo, here behind the ear (he shows it to me, ed) with the word rare. This is how the brand name was born.

5. When are you creatively involved in the brand?

I am extremely involved. I bring the ideas, I follow their realization, nothing happens if it is not approved by me. Now we have launched a set of matching lipsticks and lip pencils that I have wanted to make ever since I founded Rare Beauty. Ten shades.

6. What make-up represents for you. A game, a way to express yourself?

It is definitely a tool to express yourself. But it is also a way to have fun. So it should be considered, in my opinion. Not something you feel you have to wear.

7. What product do you always carry with you and when do you feel really beautiful?

I always carry with me my Tinted moisturizer, a tinted cream with spf 20 that immediately gives you a glow effect. And I probably feel really beautiful when I can make someone smile. Because beauty is looking beyond appearance.

8. Do you think it’s important for celebrities to talk about mental health?

Absolutely yes. Sometimes I get the feeling that people are annoyed when some celebrity talks about mental health or other social issues, because we are not politicians, psychologists, scientists. But I believe that instead it is us, with all the following we have, who have a duty to do so.

9. You are an icon for the new generations. Do you feel the weight, the responsibility of this?

No. Because I grew up with my fans. I love them and they love me, whatever they say or do.

10. Actress, singers, entrepreneur. How do you do it all?

Hahaha. I do not sleep. No, that’s not true: I sleep. I try to find a balance and give the right time to everything I do. Rare Beauty is a bit of my creature. But perhaps what I love most to do is the actress.

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