Selena Gomez, a disease has risked her die

Selena Gomez because of a serious illness has on the verge of dying now three years ago: today, as is the famous actress? The drama of the surgical operation.

selena gomez
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez in only a few people know, but unfortunately has had to deal with a serious illness, and lupus, with which, unfortunately, living for years and she has had to do a surgical operation which, if it had not been made, would have been able to die.

The girl, who is one of the actresses most famous and best paid in the world, has necessarily had to undergo a delicate surgical operation to make an real transplant kidney, kindly donated by her best friend. Everything took place in 2017: here’s the photo and the post Instagram that captures this beautiful yet moving event.

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Selena Gomez, a dramatic illness: it is made

selena gomez
selena gomez

Selena Gomez posted this beautiful post on Instagram that has moved all of its fans. Fortunately, the surgical operation for transplantation of kidney you went in the right direction and the world-famous actress is shooting a period of time all in all relatively short and then go back to doing what they do best: sing and recite.

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The post was really moving and immediately made the rounds of the web and still today, if we look back on this gesture, the beautiful of her best friend, that is literally to give a part of their body to, in fact, save her life, is really something incredible and the one and only.

In short, a gesture that is beautiful that is a confirmation of what has been really successful and that, with the disease, lupus, has raised the awareness of all the people that follow it on the social networks: prevention is really fundamental especially for this type of autoimmune diseases.

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