Selena Gomez ends her music career? Cardi B is against and has an idea

Selena Gomez and Cardi B
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Is this the end of Selena Gomez’s musical career? The star confessed in a recent interview that making music is no longer as important in her life as it used to be. After the publication of the artist’s conversation with Vogue journalists, there were rumors that the Revelacion album would be Selena Gomez’s last album. Cardi B has something to say about it – and it’s better for all of us that Selena take it to heart!

Selena Gomez’s interview for Vogue is not just that series of fantastic photos of the star, but also a collection of important thoughts and declarations. The artist touched upon, among others the matter of his further musical career. Unfortunately, what she said may have bothered some fans a little. Does Selena Gomez think about ending her stage career?

It’s hard to continue making music if people don’t take you quite seriously.

I’ve had moments when I thought: What’s the point? What am I actually doing this for?

– she said Selena Gomez in an interview for Vogue. The star added that she thought about recording one more album, “one last time before he retires”. Selena noted that this album would have to be DIFFERENT than all the previous ones.

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Selena Gomez in musical “retirement”?

Selena Gomez’s thoughts touched not only her fans, but also one of her colleagues in the industry. Cardi B decided to comment on the words of the author of the Revelacion album.

I don’t think Selena should be leaving. She makes good music & her fans love her. I think I need something new. Something no one has seen before. I’d like to help her with a few ideas

– the rapper unexpectedly wrote on Twitter.

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