Selena Gomez, hand tremors and lupus

After being inundated with messages from fans asking about her health, Selena Gomez she returned to social media to reassure everyone following a video she posted on TikTok in early January.

Inside the clip the singer of “Calm down” showed off her skincare routine as well as an odd hand-shake that didn’t go unnoticed by her followers, who instantly worried about the 30-year-old who starred on the gossip pages in recent weeks after being photographed holding hands with Drew Taggart.

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“I’m shaking from my ill meds lupus“, he said Selena Gomez returning again to talk about the pathology that she was diagnosed in 2014, as she also told in documentary of 2022 Selena Gomez: My Mind & Mein which the artist deals in detail with his battle against the lupus. “In the morning when I wake up I immediately start crying because everything hurts me,” revealed the singer of “Good for you” who, precisely because of his health conditions, underwent a kidney transplant in 2017.

In addition to lupus a Gomez a bipolar disorder was also found, the diagnosis of which would seem to have greatly helped the singer and actress who is now the star of the TV series Only murders in the building. “When I reached my early twenties everything started to get really dark,” explained the artist during an interview with Rolling Stone“I started to feel like I wasn’t in control of what I was feeling and whether things were really great or really bad,” she concluded. Selena Gomez that, todayseems to have found serenity after some really complex years where he not only faced the first health problems, but also the end of the relationship with Justin Bieber.

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A break that between Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez which led the actress towards a deep crisis that seriously endangered her mental health but which also made the singer much stronger and more combative, transforming her into the determined and tenacious woman we know today.

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