Selena Gomez: “I’m still traveling”

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When Selena Gomez began filming her 2016 tour, then abruptly interrupted, she certainly didn’t imagine that the feature film she would make of it would become what is her most intimate project to date: “The documentary has taken on a life of its own”, says the artist. In six years, what was originally simple material shot during his tour revival it turned into Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, an unfiltered look at the pop star’s journey to achieving sanity, which recently debuted on Apple TV+. “There was no elaborate plan to capture those private parts of my life. It is something that has taken shape along the way».

The origins of the documentary go back to 2015 and the sultry music video of Hands to Myselfwhen Aleen, Gomez’s manager since 2014, introduces her to her brother, director Alek Keshishian, best known for his groundbreaking 1991 Madonna documentary. Truth or Dare and I immediately thought it was one of the most brilliant music documentaries ever made. I’ve seen it seven times. It is a true work of art. They are not the simple shots of a tour and its problems. It is a look at a person’s life, not at all sweetened, but based on love, respect and empathy. I immediately understood », he continues, « that if I ever wanted to make a music documentary, it would be Alek who would direct it ».

The only obstacle? Keshishian had long ago decided not to make any more films about musical personalities. But the charm of Selena Gomez has been convict. “I fell in love with her with her authenticity, with her being vulnerable and true to her. I was expecting a different person, more built, but she wasn’t like that ».

“At the time Madonna was one of the three best known people in the world: there were Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and her,” continues Keshishian. “When he contacted me Selena, the situation was very different. What was revolutionary in Madonna’s time, I think paradoxically isn’t anymore. I can tell that I had no need to see other stars eager to shock or outrage the public. What appears on social media is more than enough for me». What fascinated him was that «girl without any mask. The young woman devoid of malice, unable to build a public image at the table. She doesn’t like her and she’s not part of her DNA. Considering the times we live in, I thought that in this respect you were a truly unique subject.’

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