sensational, with this formula and this trick you heat the house with 40 cents

Here comes a really interesting news on the sting of heating.

As we know the heating it has become a real problem for Italians because in this month of October the electricity and gas bills have increased by 60%.


It was the war in Ukraine (but also the maneuvers of speculators) to increase energy costs so much.

You can save a lot

Now the priority for families is precisely that of save money in every possible and imaginable way.


In fact, many families fear that they will not be able to pay the terrible electricity and gas bills. In fact Giorgia Meloni is thinking of a moratorium of even six months on the detachment of meters. But let’s see what is the trick that can allow you to heat the house with very little money. 9 million Italian families they risk ending up in energy poverty because their bills have risen too much. Consequently there are associations and consumer protection that say that the increase for gas in particular could even exceed 80%.

The formula to understand how much to save

So to save money you really need to put in place any trick and any cunning. The experts of the savings energy have made an important discovery. In fact, for each less degree of temperature in the house there is a saving of 6.2% on heating costs. This means that if we lower the temperature in the house by one degree, we save just 6.2%, but if we lower the temperature in the house by two degrees, we save on sting of heating rises to 12.5% and so on. So already this awareness can help us understand how much we can lower the thermostat and how much we can save as a result.

The trick for spending little

But another really important thing to save is the use of modern fixtures that do not disperse the hot air and the electric blanket. In fact, with modern fixtures that do not disperse the hot air produced by the heating system the savings can be really big. But the experts also point out not to underestimate the electric blanket. In fact, it is completely useless to heat the house at night when you can only heat the bed with the electric blanket. Even a multi-member family with electric blankets will spend no more than 40 cents all night. The energy saving experts they explain how in these ways it is possible to save a lot and how many families can manage to make it even in the face of such harsh price increases. But in addition to these money-saving tricks, there is also a lot of anticipation for the new € 150 bonus fielded by the Meloni government. In fact, the Meloni government, in addition to the bonus on bills, also wants to add one to be paid once.

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