Serbia, storm over Stojkovic: caught offending Kosovar women after Vlahovic’s goal

Dragan Stojkovic, coach of the Serbian national team, fresh from elimination from the World Cup in Qatar, ended up in a storm following a decidedly shameful celebration after Vlahovic’s goal in the last match lost against Switzerland. Caught by the cameras, he expressed violent offenses against Kosovar women after the goal scored by the Juventus forward, which was missed by most but not by those who were able to read the coach’s lips. Condemnations are raining down from Kosovo, so much so that some politicians have expressly asked Fifa that the coach be heavily punished for this “cowardly and shameful” act. After what happened at the World Cup in Russia, when on the one hand the Serbian fans wore jerseys in favor of Mladic, the butcher of Srebrenica, and on the other the Swiss players of Kosovar origin mimicked the eagle of great Albania after the goals scored, the federations of Serbia and Switzerland had met to avoid aftermath but it didn’t amount to much. Stojkovic himself had glossed over both Xhaka’s provocations towards his bench and the loudspeaker announcements that tried to silence the racist chants of Serbian fans. The Swiss, furious after seeing the coach’s images, despite their anger, preferred not to react so as not to disturb their own World Cup which, unlike Stojkovic’s, will continue. To bring it back is The Corriere della Sera online.

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