Serena Rossi, between mythology and superheroes, my first Podcast – TV

(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 01 – “I’ve done fiction, theater, cinema, dubbing, but I confess I never have a Podcast, which by the way I often love listening to during breaks on the set or when I’m on the train, it was a wonderful gift. Furthermore the theme of mythology is very dear to me, I loved studying it at school as a child, but above all listening to the stories my father told me”.

Serena Rossi the Neapolitan actress, fresh from the success of the second season of Mina settembre on Rai1, lands with her first Chora Media podcast for boys and girls “Super” (approximately from 8 to 14 years old but just listen to her with her engaging voice one can hear that he has done dubbing and radio and it is safe to bet he will capture a wide range of audiences of all age groups), created for the Museums Directorate of the Ministry of Culture with the support of Cinecittà: “the idea – he explains – is to take a journey among the superheroes of yesterday and today along the red line that links classical mythology with modern heroes”. As soon as the podcast starts, she says her name, then you fail, she drags you on this journey: “For thousands of years, we human beings have been feeling emotions, dreaming and seeking inspiration in the stories and deeds of special women and men. Once we called them divinities , today we call them superheroes and superheroines. They have changed their name, but basically they have remained as they once were: they are figures with superhuman strength and special powers”.

Episode after episode, thanks to the splendid voice of Serena – much loved by the youngest after having dubbed iconic characters of Walt Disney: from Princess Anna of the “Frozen” saga, to Cinderella in “Into the Woods” and Emily Blunt’s singing voice in “Mary Poppins Returns”. In the first episode we will discover that Iron Man has many points of contact with Ulysses, human like him thanks to his cunning. “Did you know Wonder Woman is none other than a contemporary Amazon. And yet Superman, who owes her power to the sun is very similar to the god Apollo or Aquaman”. In each of the twelve episodes, released daily on all free Podcast platforms, a story that combines past and present with parallels between ancient myths and more modern darlings. (HANDLE).