Sergio Aguero ends his career. All because of a heart defect. La Liga

Aguero made his debut for the Catalan Duma only in October. He joined the club in the summer in the hopes of being able to play and share the locker room with his friend Leo Messi, but he moved to PSG.

One of the greatest legends in Manchester City history, however, has not deterred from playing for Barcelona; On October 17, the Argentine donned a maroon-navy blue jersey for the first time to score a goal in the 1-1 defeat by Blaugrana in El Clasico a week later. As it turns out, the Real Madrid hit will be the only one Aguero has scored for the new team.

On October 30, Barca played against Deportivo Alaves. In the 40 ‘minute, the sniper grabbed his heart and could not breathe. He was immediately given help, and after he left the field, the research began. They showed cardiac arrhythmia. This, according to Gerard Romero, forced the 33-year-old to take the radical, but only possible step – to end his career and focus on his health.

The genius striker’s farewell press conference is scheduled for next week. In his career, he scored 379 goals and 118 assists in 663 club appearances. Aguero is the best foreign scorer in the history of the Premier League (184 goals) and at the same time the most effective sniper in the history of Manchester City (260 hits). In the colors of Citizens he won five England championships. He is also the vice-champion of the world from 2014. In the national team in 101 appearances, he defeated the rivals’ goalkeepers 41 times.

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