“Sex games on duty, shame on the city.” All fired

Erotic games between colleagues during the work shift, they cost five policemen their jobs. The case involving a small police station in Tennessee (United States) sparked discussions not only because of the expulsion of the officers, but also because there was also a married woman among them. Officer Maegan Hall and her colleagues sent each other dirty photos, met at hotels for sex, and engaged in oral sex sessions even during shifts.

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Cops have sex at work, all fired

According to the internal investigation report, the five police officers were charged with misconduct and were fired. In the chats that ended up in the hands of the supervisors, the married agent said she was in an “open marriage” and joked about the size of her colleagues’ penises. Like her, the affair cost Sergeant Lewis Powell, Constable Juan Lugo, Sergeant Ty McGowan and Detective Seneca Shields their jobs. Two other officers accused of having relations with the woman were suspended.

The internal investigation was closed on 28 December. The married policewoman met colleagues in hotels, parties at other officers’ houses and on a boat. Some of the police officers involved in the investigation were questioned on December 13 and admitted the allegations, working with supervisors to clarify the situation. The investigation would have been initiated by a tip to the mayor, according to which the fired policewoman had had a threesome with a colleague and his wife.

What the mayor said

The mayor of La Vergne, the city where the incident occurred, released a statement on the matter: “This situation is unacceptable and as soon as it was brought to our attention, it was immediately investigated and actions were taken against those involved – the words of Jason Cole -. Our top priority is to rebuild citizens’ trust. I have full confidence in the police department’s leadership team and their ability to lead the department. We will retrain all of our employees in accordance with the rules, regulations and expectations set forth by city leadership.”

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