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The French edition of Slate has published an article in which he argues that globalization has not only approved the way we dress, what we eat, drink or work, but also sexuality. “Seduction and sex are practically the same all over the world,” he writes Slatearguing that the homologation took place to the detriment of the particularities and specific practices of each culture.

Sexuality has its own history and evolution, as well as the practices that are part of it. Some were common to the different cultures of the world, others were not, some were reserved for only a few people while many others were excluded. Seduction and eroticism, explains for example Slate, are very recent practices. For a long time, in Europe, Asia or Africa, the people and women did not have access to it and it was mainly the men of the aristocracy who benefited from it. In India, the Kāma Sūtra, written between the sixth and seventh centuries, was intended for Indian high society. Similarly, belly dancers in the Middle East or Japanese geishas performed in front of wealthy men.

Not even the kiss has a “universal” character, nor is it universally “human”. In 2015, a study published in American Anthropologist, a prestigious American anthropology journal, had shown that less than half of the 168 civilizations surveyed predicted the existence of the kiss. Traces of it had been found in only 77 civilizations among those examined, that is 46 percent of the total. The sexually connoted kiss was present in all the civilizations examined in the Middle East and in most of the Asian and European ones. Instead, it was absent in all ten societies examined from Central America and a decidedly minority in South American and African civilizations.

Still, he explains Slateone of the most recent evolutions of sexuality and of what is part of it (or at least of the representation of sexuality) is its standardization on models and practices that are defined as Western, and which have created a homologation even within the same cultures westerners.

Philippe Brenot, psychiatrist, anthropologist and author together with Laëtitia Coryn of L’incroyable histoire du sexea graphic novel on the history of sex that will be released in an updated edition in France at the end of August (in Italy, the first edition is published by Mondadori), explained for example that “until the seventies and eighties” each culture or each country had its own specific characteristics: if on the one hand they functioned as stereotypes, on the other they had a material connection with the history, culture, social structure and education of that same country.

The French, to a certain extent, represented for example free love, the Italians were a model of seduction, and so on. «Today we all dress with the same international brands. And these differences have been erased, ”says Brenot.

This standardization process began with the kiss, starting in the 1920s, when Hollywood cinema began to be exported and seen all over the world. In China, Africa, Germany and Mexico, productions made in the United States began to be looked at, where kisses on the mouth represented the apex of romanticism, seduction and preliminary practices. People, Brenot explains, therefore began to become familiar with French kissing and kissing, even if before then it was not present in their world at all.

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The standardization of sexuality is still ongoing and is happening today not only through cinema, the Internet and television series, but also through mainstream pornography, the one available on sites like Pornhub, to understand. All of this material shapes the way sex is conceived or done, how it is talked about and also creates very specific ideas of masculinity, femininity, intimacy and relationships. “We watch adult films, mostly produced in the United States. Their vision will inspire our fantasies and our gestures, ”he explains Slate. And again: “she seduces us, gets together and divorces according to certain models”.

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Romantic places are also becoming global: «A paradise beach, the Eiffel Tower, the island of Santorini. To be an ideal couple and be recognized as such, you need to have your photograph taken in these places that are symbolic places of love. The lack of originality, a posture of consumers of romanticism, this trend impoverishes the imagination ».

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Of course, and beyond the pending homologation, specific sexual practices continue to resist. In the Great Lakes region of East Africa, for example, the kunyazawhich aims to facilitate orgasm and female ejaculation during intercourse, while in Taoism there are methods to control male ejaculation.

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