Sex tape hero Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce. THIRD in the same relationship!

Ray J and Princess Love
Author: Rex Features / East News

Ray J is the famous hero of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, from which the great career of a celebrity began. Years after her affair with Kardashianka, her ex became involved with Princess Love. Ray J and his current wife have two children together, but the couple are not getting along very well. The spouses have just decided to divorce. This will be their THIRD approach to their breakup!

The famous Kim Kardashian sex tape is one of the biggest scandals, or if you like – hits, of modern show business. Today’s celebrity came from a family quite well-known in the United States, but we would probably never have heard about her, if not for video-recorded games with equally little known rapper at the time, Ray J.

It was 2007 and the world is still talking about the famous Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Ray J did not make such a great career as his former lover, but his further fate also does not go unnoticed by the American media. And I must admit that in his case there is also a lot to write about, because Ray J’s love adventures are material for a good melodrama.

American gossip media reports that the famous lover Kim Kardashian is going to divorce. To make it more interesting, it will be his third parting with the same woman!

Is Kim Kardashian’s second sex tape? Ray J comments

A divorce from a hospital bed?

The drama of the whole case is added by the fact that Ray J is currently hospitalized due to pneumonia. Additionally, doctors are concerned about COVID-19 infection in the rapper. Despite his health problems, Ray J does not intend to wait for a divorce. The hero of the famous sex tape Kim Kardashian has just filed a request to end his marriage with Princess Love. Already THIRD in the history of their relationship …

The first divorce petition was filed by Princess Love herself. The couple then decided to give each other a chance and use the quarantine to fix the marriage. It didn’t work out, so Ray J filed for divorce in court, but then allowed himself to be persuaded to take another approach to saving the relationship …

Will the saying that up to three times art work?

Ray J and Princess Love have been married since 2019 and are raising two children together, daughter Melody and son Epik.


Should parents save their marriage at all costs?


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