Sexy: Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez Ignite Instagram!

Via her social networks, Georgina Rodriguez is displayed sexier than ever alongside her man Cristiano Rolando!

Another faultless for Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo. On the Web, the incendiary brunette delighted her fans by posing alongside the footballer. You will see, the pretty brunette has bet on an ultra-sexy outfit that suits her perfectly.


To this day, who does not know Georgina Rodriguez? For several years, she spins the perfect love with CR7.

Discreet in nature, the star quickly adapted to fame and ignored the curiosity of the tabloids about her couple. In the city, she is also the happy mother of a little Alana.

She considers Cristiano Ronaldo’s other children (Cristiano Jr, Eva, and Mateo born to a surrogate mother) as her own. Like her man, the pretty brunette is also very active on the Web.

Especially on Instagram. Georgina Rodriguez has more than 25 million followers. The class!

Every day, she feeds her feed to the delight of her subscribers. His family life is fascinating… But not only!

Sexy at will, the star often makes the head of her community with her alluring posts. Last I heard, the incendiary brunette is taking it easy in the sun with her little tribe.

To recharge the batteries after the euro, nothing better than a little yacht trip! This Tuesday, July 6, the couple is also displayed ultra-sexy on the Web. The proof in pictures.


As you can see, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez appear tanned and smiling alongside their 4 children. In any case, their happiness is a pleasure to see. We love!

“Much love”, captioned the incendiary brunette in her pretty post which has accumulated thousands of likes in just a few hours. ” You are too beautiful. Enjoy well, ” we can read in the comments thread. But also: “Too sexy Georgina. It really is the most beautiful Wag’s. I do not want to know anything “.

To be at the top, the influencer does not skimp on the means. Quite the contrary!

Yes, Georgina Rodriguez works out every day to maintain her dream figure. Passionate about dance, the darling of CR7 immortalizes her prowess daily on her social networks. She is also very careful with her diet.

If the young woman enjoys cooking, she always has chefs at her disposal to delight her taste buds. And the menus vary according to his desires!

Besides this, the businesswoman brilliantly controls her image. A true marketing pro, Alana’s mom works with countless brands.

On the Web, simple posts to make product placements pay off big! Fashion-savvy, Georgina Rodriguez loves giving style lessons.

And she often opts for very sexy outfits. In any case, it is not uncommon to see her attend the parades of the greatest fashion designers. In short, everything smiles on him!

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