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Vote: 6/10 Original title: Shadow in the Cloud, exit: 31-12-2020. Director: Roseanne Liang.

08/05/2022 film review from Joy Majuna

Chloë Grace Moretz is the convinced protagonist of a low budget B-movie Rated R, fortunately very aware of what she is

It’s a difficult conversation, but one that needs to be addressed head-on before actually starting to talk about the film itself. Shadow in the Clouddespite its most laudable intentions, it was written by Max Landis. Son of the beloved John, he is known for having written titles such as Chronicle, American Ultra, Victor Frankenstein And Bright. More recently, however – as some may recall – he has been the subject of multiple allegations of sexual assault and domestic abuse. He also has a history of misogynistic statements made through social media.

Shadow in the Cloud film poster 2020While the team behind Shadow in the Cloud rewrote the script for these reasons, removing Max Landis from production and attempting to erase all traces of his influence on the final film, the Writers Guild of America opted for it to be ‘retained’ as a screenwriter. accredited, along with Roseanne Liang (My Wedding and Other Secrets), a Chinese-New Zealand director who chose to tackle a genre product and with a female protagonist, who then claimed – to try to save what can be saved – that most of what arrived in VOD (no passage in cinemas, not even in the USA) is feminist meal of its own.

We are in 1943, and the Allied forces are completely immersed in the Second World War both in Europe and in the Pacific. Maude Garrett (Chloë Grace Moretz) is a flight engineer tasked with delivering a reserved package to Samoa from New Zealand. Placed at the last minute on Fool’s Errand, a B-17 Flying Fortress, the girl’s presence is not welcomed aboard, and she is therefore confined to the lower turret of the aircraft.

Once in the sky, however, Garrett and the crew must deal with both the horrors of combat and a dangerous ‘monster’ attempting to take over the plane.

If you don’t understand it from the premise, Shadow in the Cloud is a delightfully absurd film, which proudly wears the chevrons of the B-movie. This aspect, combined with the production a low budgetresults in a kind of ‘prestige’ version of a typical Original SyFy, but that’s not a particularly despicable result.

The only thing that could be made is that he should / could have invested a little more dollars in practical effects instead of going all the way down to easy CGIeven if the awkwardly artificial atmosphere that is generated in this way is delightfully effective.

Fortunately, director Roseanne Liang seems to be well aware of the aforementioned limitations of Shadow in the Cloud and – indeed – focuses and he most successfully constructs his quietest and most claustrophobic moments. It is only towards the end, when the situation ‘widens’, that this fanta-horror Rated R it loses its ‘contained’ charm and begins to look like something that can never live up to its dramatic ambitions.

Shadow in the Cloud film moretz 2020Fortunately, Chloë Grace Moretz delivers a decidedly convinced performance, which indulges even the most foolish elements without batting an eye. Whether it’s the quieter moments or the over the top action sequences, the young protagonist always brings home the result with navigated experience. And since she is the only actress on the screen for most of the narrow ones 83 minutes in durationproves once again that it is now a solid staple in the cast of any genre film.

Arguably, the strongest element of Shadow in the Cloud is the excellent and lively score composed by Mahuia Bridman-Cooper. The use of such a boldly and modernly electronic OST does not appear, in fact, like the apparently lazily easy choice to emulate that of the acclaimed Drive And It Follows. Punctuated perfectly by “Hounds of Love” by Kate Bush on the credits, this is a film that knows exactly what it wants to be from a purely sonic perspective.

Self “Wolfenstein in the Pacific” meets Overlord (the review) with a tip of At the Edge of Reality (the ‘gremlin’ episode is clearly one of the biggest inspirations), sounds like something that could do for you, then Shadow in the Cloud is a welcome sight. It certainly has its problems, especially in the third act (and without forgetting the echoes of the first ‘purged’ and ‘overturned’ writing in the running), but for being a product intended for rental and streaming it proves to be an unusual and carefree pastime.

Chloë Grace Moretz gives life to a delightfully serious trial in a film that is far from it, and Roseanne Liang’s direction suggests a future for her that is far removed from bizarre and controversial titles like this one. In short, Shadow in the Cloud is basically harmless, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Find below the international trailer by Shadow in the Cloud, released in Italy directly on home video:

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