Shakira and Piqué try to talk, but relationship is tense, says newspaper

Shakira and Piqué, separated since the beginning of the month, tried to talk to resolve important issues, such as education and custody of their two children, but they could not make the situation between them less tense. The conversation, according to the Spanish newspaper 20minutos, did not go as planned and did not have a definition.

Now, ‘advisors’ for the singer and the player are trying to reach agreements and resolve the discrepancies. According to the newspaper Marca, there is information that Piqué, for example, would have refused Shakira to spend the holidays with her children in Miami. The Colombian traveled to a beach in northern Spain, where, last summer, she practiced surfing with the athlete.

The singer is sad about the whole situation, Carlos Vives, a friend and singer, told Marca. Barcelona president Juan Laporta also stated that the player is suffering. “He went through a very unpleasant situation, with children still very young. Pay no attention to the news that tries to leave him as a frivolous and unfeeling man,” he said.

The two try, however, to get right away from the media, without giving statements about the relationship. “What she (Shakira) wants is for her children to stay calm, she also wants to avoid the press,” said journalist Lorena Vázquez, on the program ‘Ya es mediodía’, on the Spanish channel Telecinco.

They met at the 2010 World Cup and had been together for 11 years. The announcement of the separation came days after the Spanish newspaper ‘El Periódico’ reported that the singer had discovered the player’s betrayal.

Two weeks after the breakup, Piqué was spotted at a party in Sweden with a woman. The photo was released by an influencer, and the reason was an unusual revenge: the player would have refused to greet her son.

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