Shakira is harassed with a declaration of love made by a fan and her family seeks help from the police – 06/22/2022

06/22/2022 | 10:11

It’s no secret that Colombian singer Shakira is single after the end of her 11-year marriage to Gerard Piqué, but it seems some fans are pushing the boundaries of common sense.

As you have been following, the blonde and her ex-husband are in the process of divorce since the beginning of the month. The separation happened after the alleged betrayal of the player, and the fans of the artist showed a lot of support for the decision taken by Shakira, and some of them were even too happy.

According to reporter Laura Lago, from the program Sálvame, last weekend, a fan left a message of love on the sidewalk in front of the singer’s house:

I love you, beautiful woman. I’m coming here for you my love and I are ready to marry you now and support you.

It does not stop there! It seems that another admirer has been rummaging through the Colombian woman’s mailbox. A series of anonymous letters were left without the knowledge of Shakira or her family in the correspondence, according to the program, the municipality Esplugues de Llobregat, where she and her children live, is in a nervous mood.

Actions look cute, right? But Shakira seems to have been quite scared by the statements and asked for help from her brother, Tonino, to go to the police to report the harassment. According to the website El Español, Spanish authorities went to the singer’s mansion to take note of the events and begin investigations, seeking to find out who these crazy admirers are.

What a situation, huh? Even so, Waka Waka’s voice sure won’t lower its head at this point. The singer intends to pursue a career and will continue to host the dance show Dancing with Myself. We wish the singer strength in this difficult time.


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