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To be a public figure is not easy and Barbara de Regil know, because on several occasions has been the center of attention for a series of errors that he has committed throughout his career, yet the actress has managed to defend themselves and face the harsh criticism on social networks.

Barbara de Regil

Instagram @barbaraderegil

The controversy of the fried tacos

The actress shared stories in his account of Instagram, where he tried to give advice to people who, according to her, she will not take care of their body and do things that are “synonymous with destruction”.

“It’s going to be drunk and takes 25 vodkas and then the next day he swallows a few fried tacos, you are destroying friend,” she said in her storie.

Give a message of peace to the women who are living in domestic violence

Barbara de Regil in an attempt to send a message against violence in the family, ended up being criticised for not giving a “good advice”.

After your exercise routine, the actress wanted to interact with their followers and “recommended” the way to combat violence against women.

“I’ve seen commercials on tv where they talk about violence on women, the violence there is right now in the houses; and in that commercial they say that a way to relax and not to enter in that anger is that breath up to 10, they have all the reason,” said the actress. Also read: Barbara de Regil is celebrating its birthday with a piñata on it

Crackers carbohydrates

The actress appeared in a video to share with viewers a recipe that he said lacked carbohydrates. The criticism did not wait for the part of the users of social networks who reminded him of the actress that the fruit contains, in effect, this component.

“Today I’ll teach you to make a dessert healthy. By that anxiety, I’ll teach you to make some cookies without any of the carbohydrates,” said the actress.

The controversial filter

Barbara caused controversy by using a filter from Instagram that modifies the tone of skin, however, was viralizado in the midst of the protests in the united States for the murder of african-american George Floyd and the debate about racism in Mexico.

“Oh what prieta, no, how ugly!”, he said in the video, which became viral on social networks.

Bárbarto continue to receive the support of their thousands of followers, to whom he has offered apologies for their carelessness. She is one of the most beloved characters in Mexico and several Latin american countries.

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