Shang-Chi, Jim Starlin Is Much More Involved Than Thanos and the Avengers


Not everyone knows that, in addition to having created the villain Thanos for Marvel Comics, cartoonist Jim Starlin was also the father of Shang-Chi, a Chinese superhero who will enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting from Stage 4.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will, in fact, be the fourth chapter of the new MCU post-Infinity Saga era, after Black Widow, Falcon & The Winter Soldier and Gli Eternity, as well as the first title of the Marvel Studios programming for 2021, with a strategy released in February.

Speaking of the film’s development during a recent interview, Starlin said: ” It’s kind of a breaking point now. The directors Anthony and Joe Russo contacted me only while they were finishing Infinity War and asked me to come in and do that cameo for Endgame Now there’s a lot more communication between comic artists and Hollywood artists I can’t say much more right now, but I’m much more involved now for Shang-Chi than it was for Thanos in the Avengers movies. “

Starlin, who created the Master of Kung Fu with Steve Englehart in the Special Marvel Edition n. 15 of 1973, he also stated that he expects Legend of the Ten Rings to serve as a story of origin for the Chinese superhero. ” I can’t imagine this movie other than a story of origin because you have to start somewhere,” said Starlin, adding that the film could be ” vaguely based ” on her work with Englehart.

For the uninitiated Shang-Chi, played by Canadian actor Simu Liu in the Marvel film universe, is a kung-fu master whose physical ability makes him one of the most deadly fighters around.

In the film, which will be closely linked to the Iron Man saga (the terrorist organization the Ten Rings appeared in the stand-alone saga on Tony Stark, and in the 2021 film we will see the debut of the real Mandarin) according to new rumors could be shown four different villains.

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