Shawn Mendes found that length DOES matter. Camila Cabello said it bluntly

Do you prefer Shawn Mendes with short or long hair? Camila Cabello has already chosen, and it was for her that Shawn decided to make a small change of the current image! The artist confessed in one of the last interviews what his beloved thinks about his hairstyle … Do you share her taste?

Dear girls – 100-point question: do you prefer guys with long or rather short hair?

I think we know the answer she would give to that question Camila Cabello. He betrayed it recently Shawn Mendes!

Have you noticed that the Canadian has not cut his hair since the Spring Lockdown? As hair salons closed around the world, millions of people either cut their hair themselves at home or decided to finally try what they would look like in long hair … Most of the latter group quickly signed up for a cut as soon as it became possible again. But no Shawn Mendes!

It turns out that she persuaded him to leave his hair long Camila Cabello.

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Length matters

Shawn Mendes recently gave an interview to an Australian radio station. During the interview, the host of the Smallzy program asked the singer if his long hair was the result of closing hair salons due to Covidu, or a more thoughtful change of image.

In the beginning, it was actually a haircut because of Covid. Then I suddenly realized that it didn’t bother me anymore. And then Camila told me to let them continue to grow.

And when a girl tells you she likes your hair, you don’t change it!

– Shawn Mendes confessed in the show “Smallzy’s Surgery”.

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You can listen to an excerpt from this interview below.

And you in what edition do you prefer Shawn Mendes – with short or long hair?

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