Shazam like a Chrome plugin

Shazam is now officially available as a Chrome plugin. Recognizing music from the Web has become much more convenient, although the service is not working perfectly.

Shazam isn’t the only music recognition service – I’ve used SoundHound the most so far. The application does not disappoint, it even recognized my humming several times, and the integration with Spotify allowed me to add recognized songs to my favorites. After Apple bought Shazam, the service became part of iOS, so with the slogan “what song is that”, Siri can effectively return the artist and title of the song.

Shazam is making its way to Chrome and is still available on Android

Contrary to fears, Shazam has not disappeared from the market as an app, it is still available for Android, it used to run in the browser, and now a plug-in for Chrome is available. Such activities can be enjoyed. The more so because despite the negative opinions about Shazam for Chrome, the plugin has not disappointed me so far. She dealt with VOD services, YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud and other random places on the Web. After installing Shazam in Chrome, we do not need to perform any additional steps – create an account or log in, although it is optional.

Shazam can only be connected to Apple Music

If we want to quickly switch to the music service, then of course the only solution will be to use a common profile with Apple Music. This allows you to go to the streaming service with one click to listen to the recognized song. The plugin itself has a history feature, so when you expand the “Shazams” list, you will see previously recognized pieces. In fact, it happens that the music cuts a bit while recognizing a song, but it happens rarely, it is not a rule, and it does not interfere with the use of the plug at all.

How does Shazam work in Chrome?

The advantage of the plug over the website, and above all the mobile application, is of course the comfort of its use. Instead of visiting a website, we only click on the Shazam icon in the Chrome tray, and then on the service logo to start recognition. The second thing is that you don’t need to use a microphone and mute any other sounds.

Shazam only recognizes music in the active tab, so if you are listening to it in the background, you must switch to that tab to use the extension. I don’t know why some people see this as a disadvantage – it’s much easier for me to switch to a specific tab and activate Shazam than to turn on the service and then indicate which side the melody I’m looking for is coming from. It seems to me that it is easier to make a mistake then.

Where to download Shazam for Chrome

The plugin disappeared from the Chrome Web Store for a few hours and could not be installed, but it reappeared and everyone should be able to download it without any problems. As Edge and Opera use the same engine, the plugin can also be installed in these browsers using the same link.

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