she is the daughter of the former number 1 of the Antimafia

It is yellow on the island of Elba where since yesterday there has been no more news of Marina Paola Micalizio, daughter of the ex-super policeman Pippo Micalizio. The 48-year-old woman has been missing since last night. At dawn, as Adnkronos learns, her dog was found dead on her rocks. The woman’s cell phone was also near her. The research activities are coordinated by the fire brigade and the forest police. The Port Authority also participates. The provincial disappearance search plan was also activated.

The woman’s father, Pippo Micalizio, who died in 2005, over time earned the journalistic nickname of ” super policeman ” due to the first major maxi operations against the mafia, also in Palermo. He was the brain of the Dia. In the past, manager of the Milan mobile squad, he was called in 1991 to Rome to build the new special body from scratch

Some memorable operations in Palermo are remembered from him as deputy director of Dia. As when the largest seizure of war weapons ever carried out in Italy was carried out, snatching it from the hands of the Corleonesi clan of Totò Riina and the fugitive Giovanni Brusca: missiles, bazookas, grenade launchers, explosives, machine guns and other weapons in such quantities as to unleash a real action of war. Then Micalizio was put in charge of the Central Drug Service. And with him at the helm, some symbolic operations are remembered in October 2000. Like the seizure of 18 kilograms of heroin, worth about twenty billion lire, carried out by the Palermo mobile team to two couriers.

In 2001, a trusted man at the Interior Ministry, he was then sent to Genoa as inspector to manage the post-G8 investigations into the violent raid of policemen and carabinieri in the Diaz school and the beatings in the Bolzaneto barracks. The Micalizio family had a villa on the island of Elba where the missing woman spent her summer holidays.

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