She joined the Pedro Capó, and Intervention in the new version, the success of “Tutu”


The singer Shakira, joined in the Intervention, and Pedro Capó for a new version of our song “Tutu”. Just two months after its release, the album’s second single of the Intervention, “Tutu”, the winner of a Latin GRAMMY® for Pedro Capó, has established itself as a world-wide success, a phenomenon to be a talented singer, songwriter, colombian, that he wrote the song for his girlfriend, Evaluna Montaner.

The magic of “Tutu,” it doesn’t just end there, because in between the fans and the music is nothing less than Stating that, after you post a video singing the song of the chapel, which has joined forces with Camilo and Pedro Capó for the Remix of “treat yourself”, available now on all digital platforms.

A wonderful collaboration with Shakira has occurred at the speed of light. The star posted his video on the 5th of October, causing an uproar on the social networks, with fans of both artists, they did not stop to ask for a contribution. Camille has expressed her excitement, and gave thanks, and said that one day they would work together.

“It’s got to be a lie. I’m in shock!! That means the whole universe to me. One day we will do something together. I DO DECLARE!”, those were the words of the young man as an artist. She replied that they would like to do a remix of a song, and Camille said, “It’s yours”.

In addition to this, your account on Instagram, Intervention and clicked on the “post” of the singer with this anecdote: “Once you jump all over the place, and then send that video to my parents, my sister, and my girlfriend at the time, and all of the world, I know what I have to say, I don’t believe it… When I was 7 years old, my father took me to a shop with a tape and gave me a DÓNDE ESTÁN LOS LADRONES. From that moment on, and until now, She’s in my mind is synonymous with greatness and excellence, and she posted a video singing my song, and I almost fainted … I want it all”.

Pedro Capó, on the other hand, said, “this Is a blessing to see the beautiful rising of a ‘Tutu’. I am very pleased and honored to be able to live to the same music with someone so talented and with a high vibration as much as She and Camille. As a good friend would say …the band will always join in”.

The rest, as they say, is history,and now we have the “Tutu’s Remix of” Camilo, Pedro Capó, and the world.

Since its launch on the 9th of August, the “Tutu” has been certified Gold in Spain, Argentina, and Colombia, Platinum + Gold,” and in Mexico and Peru, and “Platinum” in the United States. The song has already received more than 300 million streams, and 176 million views around the world, and has remained in the list on the Spotify Global Top 50 as soon as you enter, just 5 days after its release, and is among the top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube, in the Top 50 of Spotify to more than 18 countries, and Top 100 in Apple in 21 countries, among others.

Camille, who has completed her first schedule of promotional in Spain last week, will continue his promotional tour in the United States and in Latin America.

While doing so, She, on the 13th of November, and will debut their feature-length film of the show, Shakira In Concert: “El Dorado” World Tour ” in more than 2,000 theaters and 65 countries, with replays on November 15 in America and November 17 in the United States. In addition to this, the singer has recently announced that it has been selected to participate in the Super Bowl LIV, Halftime on February 2, 2020.



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