She recalls, ‘the religious experience’, in the sanctuary of Lourdes, which he has made to recover the voice


Video is set to release, worldwide, on Wednesday (the 13th), a film-concert of her tourEl Dorado“that has travelled more than 22 countries in the year 2018. In Brazil, many movie theaters will broadcast the full-length films (sessions in brazil, please click here.

The “Guardian”, colombia’s 42-year-old told the story of how dealt with complications on the vocal cords, which nearly took away her voice, by the year 2017. With the fear of going through the surgery, she chose to rely on alternative methods, such as both and meditationand he kept the faith on that day. “Or was it an operation, or receiving an intervention that’s divine,” she said.

By opting for non-surgical intervention, she traveled to Lourdes, France, where it is located on the The shrine of Our Lady of Lourdesan important place of catholic pilgrimage, and the The grotto of Massabiellewhere the faithful drink it, or bathe in the water that flows from a spring.

After a trip to the voice, She just ended up coming naturally — or-with a little help from someone up there in the sky, you’ll know it. “I felt like I was going through some kind of religious experience”, she said, she had to postpone it to the maximum of the dates of the tour until we were 100% recovered, to sing. “Of all the nights I couldn’t go up to the stage, they were a gift to me.”

Who is married to the football player of Spanish Gerard Pique and the mother of two small children, we have reason to believe that it has gone through tough times, to try to communicate with your family, or for those who want it to be without a voice. She said that she felt “extremely depressed”, “the voice was a part of their identity.”

“I have always known that many of the things in my life were going to end up with all the time, like the beauty, the youth, those kind of things,” said She. “But I never imagined that my voice would let me. It is inherent in my nature, and it is part of my identity. When you are not able to sing, I felt a pain that was almost unbearable. There have been times when I couldn’t get out of the house, it was very, very upset.”

With the children, she was able to communicate by signs, as the kids don’t know how to read it. With her husband, often for the words you have written, but the silence filled the room. “Gerard, that he knew the worst of me…. I was pessimistic and bitter,” she told her. “My husband jokes that a lot of men want women to shut her mouth. But when I did I had to be quiet, and he felt like an ex-convict who got out of jail and you don’t know what to do with so much freedom.”

Milan, Shakira's, She and Gerard, at a basketball game at Madison Square Garden in New York city/Getty Images.
Milan, Shakira’s, She and Gerard, at a basketball game at Madison Square Garden in New York city/Getty Images.

In February 2020, which She will do next Jennifer Lopezthe show is in the interval from the end of the The Super Bowl. Artists, such as: Rihanna do not accept an invitation to perform at the big event from the national football league, in response to the player-Colin Kaepernick.

He became an “enemy” of the seat after a bow for the execution of the national anthem and the american protests against police violence and racial discrimination in the country. The demonstration occurred at the 2016 olympics, but the athlete suffers from cyber attacks, including from Donald Trump, the current president of the united states.

About Colin, She does not omit the matter, but he said that the presence of Latin in an event of such magnitude, it is good for the hispanic population living in the united states. “It’s the right thing to do for the latino community in the united states. We have been through many things, and with the Trump of power, with the walls being built… this Is an opportunity to celebrate our culture, you know?”

In addition to music, She has her own charitable foundation, the Pies Descalzos Foundationworking for a high-quality education in Colombia. She is also a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in her home country, and then, in 2018, it was reported for tax fraud by the Spanish authorities, since he lives with his family in Barcelona, spain. In the interview, she did not give any information about the process, which remains a secret from the law, but to his advisers, it was reported that the singer had already paid in the amount of € 14.5 million to the revenues of Spain.



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