Shocking Photo. That’s How Madonna’s ARMS Are Without Photoshop or Touch-Ups

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but the 80s were left behind 40 years ago and the 90s 30 years ago. And of course, Madonna is no longer the twenties precisely. The queen of Pop is already 61 years old and, although still active, they are noticed.

Beyond the knee problems that are preventing him from performing 100% on her last tour, the truth is that Madonna’s body has changed a lot and she knows it herself.

In fact, her skin has been the most paid the consequences as we can see in her last photograph.


Madonna has always tried to stay in shape and that can be seen in those muscular arms she has, however, age is also noticeable and that is why her veins are marked so much to Michigan.

However, the singer is still trying to give everything in her live shows, where she verifies that she still fills stadiums as before and that is that her fans know that any day can be the last one to go on stage and you have to take advantage until then.

A royal invitation

This week Madonna has joked with the escape of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from the British royal house to move to Canada, where they can stay away from the hustle to be able to raise their first child in common.

The diva has made a curious offer to the Dukes of Sussex: “Hi Harry, don’t go to live in Canada. It is a very boring country. If you want, I rent my apartment in Central Park West. ” Will they accept?

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