Sicily is the new favorite destination for TV series

There Sicily is the new promised land for serial productions. At least that’s what the American magazine claims Varietywhich lists different tv series who have identified our largest island as their main scenario. Different international streaming servicesin fact, they have chosen these places to kick off their Italian productions, thanks to the locations full of suggestions but also strong thematic connections. Disney +for example, after debuting his first original Italian production, The ignorant fairiesnow focuses on the Florio dynastythe entrepreneurs who accumulated a commercial empire at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, from tuna to marsala, and are at the center of the literary saga bestseller by Stefania Auci started with The lions of Sicily (North Publishing House). The series will be directed by Paolo Genovese and is expected to start shooting in July.

In turn, set in Sicily and to be precise in Palermo it is The Bad Guynew original production of Amazon Prime Videoa dark comedy centered on the affair of the prosecutor Nino Scotellaro, played by Luigi Lo Cascio. Scotellaro, after a life committed to fighting organized crime, is accused in turn of being a mafioso and therefore implements a cumbersome plan to take revenge. But the titles with a Sicilian setting are wasted: Netflix will soon return to shoot the second season of the series of Ficarra and Picone, Stuck, received with great success last January; on May 16th it will debut on Rai 1 Only for passion: Letizia Battaglia, in which Isabella Ragonese will play the great photographer who recently passed away; soon Showtime will arrive in Palermo, then, for the series Ripley based on the novels of Patricia Highsmith and which will star Andrew Scott and Dakota Fanning.

This list must also include the new season of The White Lotus: for the second chapter of their anthology series, Hbo and Mike White have chosen a luxury resort in Taormina and also Italian actors to add to the international cast, such as Sabrina Impacciatore, Beatrice Grannò, Simona Tabasco and Paolo Camilli. Sicily, in short, is experiencing a great golden moment as regards the related activities brought by the television industry: the Sicily Film Commissionthe body of the Sicilian Tourism Department that promotes the area as a location of excellence for audiovisual productions, is also very active in providing advice and in this they also help tax incentives that the Italian State guarantees to the productions that are filming here.

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