Sicily, Miccichè: “FI-Lega agreement on Prestigiacomo candidate”

Miccichè (FI): “League sensitive to the entire coalition” –

After days of negotiations, in which the name of the Northern League player Nino Minardo was advancing as a possible candidate for governor of Sicily, the Brothers of Italy and the party of Matteo Salvini found the square on the name of Stefania Prestigiacomo. “I thank Nino Minardo for the availability shown towards a Forza Italia candidate for the presidency of the Sicilian Region, which allows us to overcome the impasse”. Thus Gianfranco Miccichè, regional commissioner of Forza Italia in Sicily, commented on the opening of the Carroccio to converge on a blue candidate for the race at Palazzo d’Orleans. “The League has proved to be a sensitive party towards the entire coalition,” he added.

“Prestigiacomo best candidate” –

“Thanks to Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi who worked to find the solution. We hope that the other allies of the coalition will also show the same spirit of collaboration. Our candidate Stefania Prestigiacomo is the best person to challenge the thousand atavistic problems of this Region and to manage relations with all the parties of the alliance with intelligence and balance “, concluded Miccichè.

La Russa’s response: “We do not make agreements in the press” –

The response of the Brothers of Italy was not long in coming. “Lega-FI agreement on the candidacy in Sicily of former minister Stefania Prestigiacomo? Perhaps in the press, we have not made any agreement and we do not make agreements in the press – declared FdI senator Ignazio La Russa -. We still do not understand the situation. hostility towards the outgoing president Nello Musumeci but in any case we are working for the unity of the coalition. Surely, Giorgia Meloni will not be imposed on names, the choice must be shared. We are serene and at work “.

Musumeci pulls back: “Look for a candidate”

– “Enough of this endless black market in names. Look for a candidate who meets your needs. I realize that I am an uncomfortable president. I sincerely thank Giorgia Meloni and Ignazio La Russa for the convinced and tenacious support given to me. the militant “. So Musumeci on his Facebook profile, effectively communicating the withdrawal of his candidacy for the Regionals.

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