Sienna Miller, the forerunner of it girls

Siena Miller at the Gucci love parade (Getty images, courtesy of Gucci)

She wakes up at dawn every morning, has breakfast with her daughter before taking her to school and taking the dogs to the park. Then he reads scripts, plans the launch of her skincare line and, when her baby returns, plays with her and cooks her dinner. A quiet bourgeois existence were it not for the fact that those who define her life as “very banal” she was in the 2000s she was the protagonist of that crazy season made up of tabloid celebrities mercilessly scanned by paparazzi flashes. A circle of hell that Sienna Miller he went through the magazines he repeatedly sued with his head held high and with all due respect to find himself today, at just over 40, living a quiet existence in which he is finally in the spotlight for his undeniable talent. And of course, for that crazy style for which she has earned the title of glamor icon of the new millennium and which continues to inspire generations of women around the world. Thing to which she seems to attach little importance while enjoying the long wave of the success of the TV series by license plate Netflix Anatomy of a scandalwhich coincidentally has once again redefined the current women’s wardrobe and is preparing to be directed by Kristin Scott Thomas in her first film as a director, cherishing the dream of putting herself behind the camera.

Sienna has always been restless and the nonconformist spirit seems to have been passed down to her along with the (beautiful) family genes. Daughter of a South African model former assistant of David Bowie and an American businessman, was born in New York in 1981 but spent his childhood between London and Wiltshire with his sister Savannah a few years older. Rebellious teenager for that latent desire to overcome the rigid bourgeois confines of a privileged world that she was already close to her, after her Sienna studies she moved back to the Big Apple to attend acting courses at the Lee Strasberg institute. It was here that her beauty even before her talent was noticed and the girl began to appear in some advertising campaigns and she made her big screen debut in South Kensington (2001), the film directed by Carlo Vanzina which had among its protagonists also Rupert Everett. But her turning point was to come a few years later, precisely in 2004, when she, enchanting and shrewd, lent her face to the drug-addicted girlfriend of an unrepentant womanizer in Alfieremake of the film by Bill Naughton of 1966. A film that proved to be important not only because it translated the alchemy that bound Sienna and Jude Lawwho played Alfie, but also for the image of the girl, already a regular presence in the tabloids by virtue of her relationship with Law, for which the definition of it girl was dusted off, which a certain Jay McInerney had coined a few years earlier for another young New Yorker of undoubted charm and highly attractive capacity, Chloe Sevigny.

It was a different but at the same time defined attitude, that captivating style, unconventional but above all new and able to anticipate the trends that would later spread among mere mortals. In short, a girl to look at, that Sienna, who in the meantime had filmed Casanova from Lasse Hallstrom presented out of competition at the Venice film festival, he perfected with his interpretation of Edie Sedgwickmuse of Andy Warhol and first it girl of the pre-social era in factory girl (2006) by George Hickenlooper. The role of 1960s heiress turned American counterculture heroine seemed tailored to her. About her Her dazzling attitude, rebellious and amplified by looks with a high coefficient of desirability, had marked an era of her contributing to making her effervescent.

Sienna Miller similarly collected pages in the magazines (and calendar Pirelli, in which she appeared in all her glory) and catalyzed the spotlight for her eventful love life. Her tormented story with Jude Law, whose sad epilogue was slammed without any delicacy on the front page, was archived by numerous flirtations that made her the queen of the gossip column despite her. Sienna defended herself from the intrusiveness of the paparazzi with lawsuits for violations of privacy and a busy schedule of commitments which culminated in her participation in the film The edge of love (2008) for which he obtained a nomination for the bafta as best rising star.

Parallel to the cinema, Sienna treaded the theater stages with equal satisfaction and had co-founded the ready-to-wear brand born under the aegis of the group with her sister Savannah Pepe Jeans, Twenty8Twelveof which she remained as creative director until 2012. She also tried the paper of the big stars and stripes blockbusters with the little memorable GiJoe – the birth of cobras (2007) but the bankruptcy outcome made her decide to move away from the big screen to devote herself only to the theater. The time of a couple of years and Sienna was ready to take back the reins of her career to which the birth of her daughter Marlowehad by the new partner Tom Sturridgeseemed to give a breath of fresh air.

Two independent films were enough, that is Yellow from Nick Cassavetes And Just like a woman from Rachid Bouchared, but most of all The girlthe biopic dedicated to the making of Birds from Alfred Hitchcock in which she played Tippi Hendren (for which he received a nomination for the Golden globe) to bring his name back into vogue. The Sorrowful Wife in American sniper (2014) by Clint Eastwood next to Bradley Cooperactor with whom he also shared the set in comedy The taste of success a few years later, the Broadway debut in the musical Cabaret signed Sam Mendes and, above all, his presence as a juror at the 68th edition of Cannes Film Festival they only confirmed Sienna’s golden age. Who continued to tread the theatrical parquet so much that in London the shows that had his name on the bill were always sold out. That she had carved out a respectable place for herself in the cinema and on the small screen, thanks to films such as The law of the night from Ben Affleckof the touching American woman (2018) which earned her the best reviews of her career, of the TV miniseries The loudest voice (2019) next to Russell Crowe up to the aforementioned Anatomy of a scandal (2021). It must be said that if this series has managed to touch the nerves still uncovered of the actress, who to play the wife of a politician accused of sexual assault besieged by the paparazzi has resorted to her memory with a cathartic effect to say the least, on the other hand it made Sienna give the world another lesson in her very personal style.

Siena Miller at Bafta 2022 in Gucci (Getty images, courtesy of Gucci)

Thanks to the skill of the stylist Sam Perry who orchestrated a wardrobe made of designer it pieces Max Mara, Stella McCartney, The Row And Loewe in which nothing has been left to chance to create a new soft power dressing, clean and unstructured, decidedly irresistible. And more than the compelling story narrated by the series, once again the style of the one that to all intents and purposes, together with Kate Mosswas considered an ante influencer Instagram. In the mid-2000s there was no girl who didn’t want to dress like her who, with her Coachella style looks, even before the festival became a crossroads of trends, was the undisputed protagonist of the most authentic boho chic . Slip dresses worn with Texans, low-waisted crochet and denim dresses with the incontournable city of Balenciaga they perfectly expressed his hippie rock vein that he didn’t fail to indulge even on the highly photographed red carpets, where preference was given to British brands such as Burberry And Matthew Williamson.

By alternating vintage garments with masterpieces by the most famous stylists, Sienna Miller has built an irresistible flair over time, molded to the point of approaching contemporary English style. To which, however, Sienna never forgets to include a touch of retro eccentricity in mostly designer outfits Gucci, one for all the sequined tuxedo worn for the Gucci love parade in Los Angeles last November which made her one of the favorite muses of Alexander Michael. (All rights reserved)

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