Simone Ashley is the biggest emerging fashion icon — on and off screen

Simone Ashley is the biggest emerging fashion icon — on and off screen

Despite her recent rise to stardom, the “Bridgerton” actress is a regular on red carpets and fashion magazines.

Its beauty is unmistakable.

“Bridgerton”, the Netflix period series and a real phenomenon of popularity, made Simone Ashley world-famous. On the small screen, she appears almost unrecognizable, in ball gowns and corsets inspired by Regency fashion. However, before starring in the second season of the production playing Kate Sharma, she had already started to stand out for her work and, above all, for her style.

The beauty of the young woman of Indian descent began to be talked about when she participated in “Sex Education”, also produced by the streaming platform, her first big break in the world of television. When success arrived, she began to change the clothes of her characters for her individual style and conquer her space.

Simone is not only present in fiction, but also in the front row of some of the top shows, from brands such as Prada and Chanel, and is part of the guest list of the most important fashion events in the industry.. It is in these moments that he has shown that he has mastered the demands of the red carpet. All eyes are on your next step and it’s never wrong.

At the 2022 Met Gala, one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year, Ashley reinforced her status as one of the most stylish emerging stars. Her debut at the event couldn’t have been better: she wore a black and gold bustier with a metallic effect with a maxi skirt with a voluminous bow in the back.

After this flawless presentation, Cannes followed. Although his choice was less maximalist, it did not fail to shine in a shade of burnt yellow that, like the previous coordinate, made his dark fur tone stand out. It is precisely in this balance between her physical features and her style that the actress’ charm with a mystical aura resides.

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Long before these two events, Simone Ashley was already drawing attention for the way she expresses herself, on or off screens. If her shiny styling, associated with the cuts she often uses, captivate the public, her looks are even more appreciated when she appears more stripped down.

“We’re all in this industry because we want to entertain and inspire people,” he said in an interview with “Vogue.” “I managed to find joy [no meu trabalho] and it’s liberating to have a sense of community, the confidence to express myself, whether it’s through the way I play a character or what I choose to wear”.

In fact, during the promotion season of “Bridgerton”, at various times, he showed his street style with some more extravagant choices. This is the case with a vibrant set by Mango, with which she explored her taste for a more urban look.

Among his list of achievements in the world of fashion and beauty, are the participation in a perfume campaign for Loewe and the presence in fashion magazines such as “Vogue” British. Despite her ability to make everything look natural and effortless, the 27-year-old admits she’s been looking to deepen her passion for fashion.

“It’s been a huge learning curve for me,” he revealed. “I’m just learning all the designers, exploring their work and understanding what makes them unique. After learning more about their voice, I think, ‘Well, what can my voice be and how am I going to use this [conhecimento] to express myself?’”.

To help her, she has the stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, a name that cannot be forgotten in the actress’s ascending journey as a fashion icon. The professional, who has collaborated with Lily James and Emma Watson, makes Ashley’s youthful style present in each production, adding several design references to the way the star wants to present herself.

Considered one of the most promising talents of a new generation, the actress who started her career in 2016 has already found her place in the world of acting. And she continues to be a topic of debate among fashion editors around the world who, impressed by the unique beauty of someone who takes pride in her origins, look to her as a force in the industry.

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A Valentino coordinate.

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