Sister Britney Spears told about their relationship. Why are they quarreling?

Jamie Lynn Spears did not comment on the reports of scandalous treatment of Britney Spears by her father for a long time. Only now is it starting to open up. In an honest interview, she told about their relationship at the time when the star was under guardianship. What did she say?

Britney Spears she was under guardianship for 13 years. At that time, they were her guardians Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet. The men recently resigned and took over their duties Jodi Montgomery. The star’s rights were limited to such an extent that she could not drive a car or make medical decisions by herself. It was only after 13 years that she decided to fight for her rights because, as she admitted, she did not know that she could seek termination of guardianship. As soon as she filed the application with the court, she told about what hell her own father had prepared.

The father loves the control he is given to harm his own daughter. I was working seven days a week, it was like sex traffic. I didn’t have a credit card, cash or passport. All I want today is to get my money and it will end once and for all. […] Jamie loved the 100,000 percent control he had over me, writes the Britney Spears Polska fan page.

Foreign tabloids have repeatedly wondered why Jamie Lynn Spears for so long she had been indifferent to her situation. Only now has she decided to tell what their relationship was like.

Jamie Lynn Spears told about her relationship with Britney Spears

In July, Jamie became famous, because after several years of silence, she decided to comment on the situation in which her older sister found herself. Without mincing words, she called the guardianship “gó *** m” and showed her her support.

I am very proud that she asked for a new lawyer, as I advised her many years ago – not in public, but in a private conversation between the two sisters. I am very proud that she has taken this step. If the guardianship is lifted and she wants to go to Mars or do anything else to be happy, I support it one hundred percent because I love and support my sister and will always be as long as she is happy. So let us pray. That’s all.

After the court decided to end her guardianship and Britney was regained her freedom, she revealed in an emotional interview what their relationship was like. Once again she admitted that she wanted to help her very much, but it did not bring good results. She added that she had been asked to look after her sons.

I was always the greatest help to my sister when she needed her. I went out of my way to give her the contacts she needed to complete this guardianship as much as possible and all that happened in our family. If it has brought us so many tensions, why wander into it?

Jamie couldn’t hold back tears as she talked about what their relationship was today. She admitted that she did not know why they could not come to an agreement.

We still love each other. I love my sister and have always tried to support her. She knows it, so I don’t know why our relations are like this today.

You can watch an interview with Jamie below.

Considering how sharply Britney reacted to her sister’s Instagram post, with which she wanted to show her support, it can be assumed that she will decide to respond to this confession in the near future.

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