Ski Jumping. WC in Zakopane. Kamil Stoch injured. There is a decision

  • Not only are the Polish jumpers unsuccessful this season, but our team also lost its leader Kamil Stoch. The 34-year-old first completely disregarded the 4-Hills-Tournament and now suffered an injury
  • The jumper from Ząb rested from jumping for a few days, but on Monday he returned to the hill. He was supposed to take part in the World Cup competition in ski jumping in Zakopane
  • However, during the warm-up before Wednesday’s training, the team stumbled while running and damaged the ankle joint. The injury is so serious that Stoch’s performance in the capital of the Polish Tatras turned out to be impossible
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Stoch was one of 12 Poles who are to perform at Wielka Krokiew im. Stanisław Marusarz. For the Pole, it was supposed to be the first competition since qualifying for the 4-Hills-Tournament in Innsbruck, which he did not make it through.

Stoch, who returned to training on the hill on Monday, after a break caused by weaker disposition, on Wednesday did not take part in the activities of the entire team at Wielka Krokiew im. Stanisław Marusarz.

– It’s not anything serious. Kamil stood badly when he was running to warm up and there was a problem with the ankle joint. Everything indicates that he will be able to start at the weekend – said Jan Winkiel, secretary general of the Polish Ski Association, in an interview with Onet Sport.

But the situation was getting worse by the hour by the hour. There was a swelling at the site of the injury. Our jumper’s performance was called into question. An X-ray was needed. After him, the staff doctor decided that Stoch would not perform in Zakopane.

– Kamil has a torn joint capsule in the ankle joint. Fortunately, his bones are intact, but his ligaments are tight. There is a chance for Kamil to perform in the Winter Olympics in Beijing – said Michal Doleżal, the coach of the Polish ski jumpers, in an interview with Onet Sport.

After the competitions in the capital of the Polish Tatra Mountains, trainer Michal Doleżal is to announce the composition of the team for the Winter Olympics in Beijing. After Stoch’s injury, there was a problem. However, it is hard to imagine a situation where the defender of the title on the large hill would not be missing in China.

This weekend (January 14-16), the Ski Jumping World Cup will take place in Zakopane. For Stoch, it was supposed to be a return to competition after an over ten-day break. He made his last appearance at the start on January 3 in qualifying for the 4-Hills-Tournament in Innsbruck. He did not qualify for the competition then and left Austria for home.

Let us remind you that Stoch underwent an ankle surgery in the spring. In the summer he did not perform at the Grand Prix in Wisła because he had swelling. A few weeks ago in Klingenthal, on Saturday, he stood on the podium of the World Cup competition, and a day later he would not compete in the competition due to severe sinusitis.

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