SKIP INTRO 4×16 – Schools of geisha, drilling rigs and the ruthlessness of Netflix – Serial Minds

The first episode of the year of our podcast JUMP INTRO teaches us that Netflix gives and Netflix takes away

In the episode characterized by an announcement by Castelli that makes the international establishment tremble, let’s take stock of what we left behind in the week of vacation we took. Among this there is also Netflix’s Kaleidoscope, with an attached controversy.

Then come two procedurals that we didn’t miss and a series that is set in the middle of the sea, has some supernatural, but it’s not 1899. By the way: goodbye 1899, it was beautiful at times, but life is difficult and so is Netflix it’s getting pretty cruel (or fair?). Ah, speaking of Netflix: Copenhagen Cowboy by Winding Refn and Mayfair Witches also arrive, based on Anne Rice and with Alexandra D’Addario for the first time (first time?) absolute protagonist.

Here are the series arrived in these weeks and arriving in the next seven days:

Friday 30th December

-Alpha Males (Netflix)

Sunday January 1st

-Kaleidoscope (Netflix)

Tuesday 3 January

-Will Trent (ABC)

Wednesday 4 January

-The Lying Life of Adults (Netflix)

Thursday 5 January

-Copenhagen Cowboy (Danish from Netflix)

Friday 6 January

-The Rig (first Videos)

Sunday 8 January

-Alerts (FOX)

-Mayfair Witches (AMC+)

Monday 9 January

-Koala Man (Disney+)

Thursday 12 January

-The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House (Japanese from Netflix)

Velma (HBO Max)

-Vikings Valhalla, Season 2 (Netflix)

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