Skyrocketing cholesterol: here’s what to eat to get it lowered right away

Cholesterol, for the uninitiated, is a fat that we find in the blood that is largely generated by the body, while a smaller part is inserted through the diet.

While, in physiological measures, cholesterol is involved in several very important processes for the correct mechanism of the organism, when it is present in disproportionate quantities it represents one of the major risk factors for heart disease.

In fact, cholesterol in abundance tends to settle on the walls of the arteries, causing the formation of lesions that condense and stiffen them. This process, called atherosclerosis, can lead over time to the formation of real plaques, which hinder or completely block the blood flow, with consequential risks for the cardiovascular system. Several conditions are linked to the increase in high cholesterol. Among these can be cataloged: overweight, obesity, unhealthy diet, the habit of smoking, which in the long term damages the blood vessels and speeds up the hardening of the arteries, and the lack of physical activity.

Various metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, are almost always associated with hypercholesterolemia. On the other hand, several individuals are genetically predisposed to develop hypercholesterolemia: it is a condition known as “hereditary or familial hypercholesterolemia” and is linked to a series of genetic mutations. Let’s see what we can eat to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Skyrocketing cholesterol: here’s what to eat to get it lowered right away

Let’s start with the vegetables. All vegetables are able to operate positively towards the absorption of intestinal fats, for example by decreasing the impact of any meat consumption, but if we wanted to mention the most effective we could talk about carrots, aubergines and okra, all good sources of pectin such as apples, or even broccoli which, among other things, benefit from a moderate content of phytosterols.

Finally, whole grains should represent the first source of calories in a healthy diet, but oats probably represent the best choice when it comes to cholesterol, thanks to the increased presence of soluble fiber capable of providing, in particular in the form of precious beta-glucans. Fruit, oats, fish, legumes and olive oil are also very good.

Here are therefore listed the best foods to consume to follow a healthy diet that allows us to lower cholesterol.

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