Small ZUS. Until when to report?

Entrepreneurs who use the Small ZUS plus in 2022 must submit additional settlement documents. This deadline is February 20.

The discount entitles you to pay lower social security contributions. However, it does not apply to the health insurance premium, which the entrepreneur pays in full.

– For another year, our clients’ interest in the program is relatively high. We have over 327 thousand reported for the Small ZUS plus. entrepreneurs – says prof. Gertruda Uścińska, president of the Social Insurance Institution.

Small ZUS plus is intended for entrepreneurs whose income in the previous calendar year did not exceed PLN 120 thousand. zloty. If the business activity was conducted for a shorter period of time, the income limit is calculated in proportion to the number of days of running the business. Only a person who ran a business in the previous year for at least 60 days will benefit from the relief.

Small ZUS plus can be used for a maximum of 36 months in the last 60 months of running a business. The discount applies only to social security contributions.

Importantly, each user of the Small ZUS plus in 2022 must submit ZUS DRA settlement documents, part II or ZUS RCA part. II with a complete set of ZUS DRA for January 2022 (until February 20) or the first month in which he resumed / resumed the activity carried out in 2021 (by the 20th day of the following month) with information on the annual income, annual income and forms of business taxation.

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