Smallpox of monkeys. Here are the categories for which the vaccine is recommended. First 4,200 doses will be distributed in the 4 most affected regions. The circulars of the Ministry of Health

The categories for which the vaccine is recommended include laboratory personnel with possible direct exposure to orthopoxvirus and gay, transgender, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM), who fall into a series of risk criteria. First doses of the vaccine will be distributed in the regions most affected at the moment: Lombardy, Lazio, Emilia Romagna and Veneto. CIRCULAR VACCINATION INDICATIONS – CIRCULAR FIRST DOSES DISTRIBUTION

05 AUG

“At the moment, the mode of contagion and the speed of spread, as well as the effectiveness of non-pharmacological measures, exclude the need for a mass vaccination campaign. Taking into account the current epidemic scenario and the limited availability of doses, the first high-risk categories to which vaccination will initially be offered, as pre-exposure prophylaxis, are identified among:

– laboratory personnel with possible direct exposure to orthopoxvirus.

– gay, transgender, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM), who meet the following risk criteria:

recent history (last 3 months) with multiple sexual partners; and / or

participation in group sex events; and / or

participation in sexual encounters in local / club / cruising / saunas;

and / or

recent sexually transmitted infection (at least one episode in the past year);

and / or
the habit of associating sexual acts with the consumption of chemical drugs (Chemsex) ”. This is what is read in the circular of the Ministry of Health which provides the first indications on the people to be vaccinated against monkeypox.

“These subjects – explains the circular – at higher risk could be identified among those who refer to PrEP-HIV clinics of infectious disease centers and Check Points, HIV centers and centers for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, also using high-risk behavior indicators similar to those used to assess eligibility for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, but applied regardless of whether or not HIV infection is present.

The involvement of LGBTQIA + associations and those for the fight against HIV is considered important, in particular to promote correct information on the vaccination campaign. The vaccine offer strategy in favor of further target groups may be updated on the basis of the epidemiological trend and the availability of doses “.

From the Ministry of Health comes another circular with the plan for the distribution of the first tranche (4,200 doses) of the Jynneos smallpox vaccine.

In this first phase, after consulting the Regions, it was decided to divide the vaccine doses currently available among the Regions with the highest number of cases reported to date: Lombardy, Lazio, Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

Furthermore, pending the second tranche of donation (scheduled for the second half of this month of August), a portion of doses (multiples of 20 up to 60 doses) will be made available immediately for the regions and PAs that request it. ). A portion of the vaccine will remain stored at the Ministry of Health for any emergencies.

It is specified that in anticipation of the next tranche the criteria and the plan for the distribution of the doses further available will be established again, in agreement with the Regions / PA.

05 August 2022
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