Smallpox of monkeys. Why does no one report this research from the New England Journal of medicine to you? – The media to war

But why does no one tell you that, according to research published in the New England Journal of medicine, 98% of people affected by “monkeypox” in Europe are homosexuals who have probably contracted it through anal intercourse? And because no one tells you that in May 2003, in the United States, about a hundred cases of this infection were reported; an “epidemic” that was extinguished within a few weeks with the complete recovery of all the infected.

Other than smallpox.

Nobody tells you. On the other hand, “experts” are rampant on TV who terrorize with the anxiety “There is no specific cure for smallpox!”. A mystification in that “monkeypox” despite being caused by a virus also belonging to the family of Poxviridae, it has nothing to do with human smallpox (caused by the virus Variola major) which has ravaged Europe in past centuries; just as the so-called “Rinderpest” has nothing to do with the catastrophic epidemics of Yersinia pestis.

Meanwhile, the unpresentable WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus, despite the contrary opinion of the WHO Committee, declares the “state of global health emergency” which will authorize states to impose the worst infamy; and no one on TV tells you that the first cases of “monkeypox deaths” in Europe could depend on the disruption of the immune system produced by an anti-covid vaccination which is already bringing out numerous infections, such as pneumonia, absolutely unprecedented in summer.

In the face of this infection that almost exclusively affects homosexuals, an AIDS-style information campaign advising the use of condoms for anal intercourse would have been obvious. But this is not done. Because of the ruler politically correct? No, to terrorize the population by presenting “monkeypox” as an imminent catastrophe and forcing them to mass vaccinate. Which, perhaps, as is the case with the anti-Covid one, disrupting the immune system will make infections trivial until yesterday.

So, other diseases, other vaccinations. To consolidate a general hypochondria born with the Covid emergency and become the main tool of social control

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