Smallpox, the gay party denies science: “We are no longer at risk”

And it is also a health emergency for monkeypox. It arrived in Italy the first batch of Jynneos vaccines by the European Commission: these are 4200 doses that will be distributed in the most affected regions, namely Lombardy, Lazio, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto.
Although this is not a mass vaccination, the Italian Ministry of Health has indicated the categories at risk to whom vaccination is strongly recommended. These include: gay, transgender, bisexual people and men who have relationships with other men.

And here the rainbow world rises mercilessly against what is defined “Stigmatization”. Although the data speak for themselves, as 95% of infections concern men who have had intercourse with other men, the medicine is accused of being homophobic.

Diktat Lgtb community

“It’s not the gay disease,” denies the LGBT community. To this is added the Italian Gay Party which even points the finger at the Ministry: “Regarding the epidemic, we ask for clarification from the Ministry of Health and that statements such as that of the European Center for the prevention and control of diseases which states that gay people are at risk for this epidemic ”, underlining that women and children are also infected.
A striking example of when blind ideology even claims to override medicine and in the name of “politically correct” it requires a clinical institute to deny the evidence of the data found.
All this would seem a joke if it were not for our Italy, the not good but certainly feel-good one, the mainstream, which now involves all sectors, imposes – implicitly, but not too much – the apparent protection of that world that is ready to sacrifice their health by mercilessly imposing their diktats.

WHO clarifications

The World Health Organization has indeed recommended gay and bisexual men to limit the number of sexual partners, but has immediately underlined how essential it is for public health authorities to involve gay communities while protecting them from stigma and discrimination. In fact, the WHO is also a spokesperson in inviting social media and newspapers to counter fake news and incorrect information. “Stigma and discrimination can be as dangerous as any virus”, Says WHO Director General Teodors Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

It is inevitable to ask: for what other disease, virus, health emergency have we seen explanations from the World Health Organization? The much-invoked “normalization” of the rainbow world would seem to come to question even science and to “force” world institutions to ponder affirmations and declarations. What would we have said when we witnessed a “revolt of the elderly” during the covid vaccinations? Would the authorities feel compelled to explain? No. But in this case it’s different.

To demonstrate that this “battle” is yet another stance, the result of infantilism and self-centeredness of those who, regardless, feel entitled to be discriminated against – often throwing away the efforts of those who are really committed to bridging inequalities – there are those LGBT fringes that are clamoring for the vaccine.

Pietro Turano, spokesman for Gay Center – in fact – launches an appeal, exactly opposite to what was reported by the Italian Gay Party, – to Speranza: “There is a strong demand, the Minister is committed to making the vaccine available on a large scale. We cannot continue to see the virus spreading ”.

Contradictions about contradictions, obsessive beliefs, confused ideas but – when in doubt – justifications are a must in this environment.

Bianca Leonardi, August 6, 2022

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