Smart # 1 is ready to debut in four different versions: prices

Smart # 1 is ready for its debut on the market, after its world premiere, which we have witnessed. A car made like perfect ally for everyday mobility and ready to respond to the needs of its customers, Smart # 1 integrates into any habitat, both in chaotic metropolises like Milan, and in pleasant trips outside the city or on the motorway.

The brand, which has been for 15 years BEV mobility pioneer and the first to convert to Electric Only since 2020, today it presents a completely new car, it is no longer the “little one” we all know, and adds the avant-garde premium design of Mercedes-Benz to its distinctive know-how in electric mobility, combined with the engineering excellence of Geely’s SEA platform, to offer a next-generation mobility experience.

The new range

In addition to a customizable user experience, which places the driver of the vehicle at the center of the driving experience, the new Smart # 1 is available with different trim levels. A choice that aims to respond, as per tradition, to the needs and lifestyle of each customer. Together with Launch Editioncharacterized by a very rich and refined equipment and presented in world preview at the beginning of this year, the car will also be available on the market in three other lines, Pro +, Premium and BRABUS (the German tuner we all know, father of extreme cars of the highest level).

Dirk Adelmann, CEO smart Europe: “Smart # 1 is finally beginning its path to become an integral part of the sustainable mobility of the future. With the imminent availability of the pre-order, our direct customer approach will soon be shared too. Today our customers can select the version of the car that best suits their needs and define the way of purchase or use they prefer. We can’t wait to see the effect that will be generated by the entry of this car on the market in general and, in particular, in the daily life of our customers ”.

BRABUS and his creature

With # 1, Smart and BRABUS begin to write a new chapter of a historic and consolidated partnership, elevating it to a higher level. The new model made in collaboration with the German tuner marks a milestone in the native integration of the exclusive BRABUS touch into the Smart product range.

BRABUS not only works on the look of the car, but also on its performance, as it usually does. And so, with the touch of the tuner, father of extreme racing cars that we have met in recent years, the new Smart # 1 elevates its performance, with a decisive turn towards sportiness. Power goes from 200 kW (272 hp) to 315 kW (428 hp), the torque from 343 to 543 Nm, and the traction becomes from rear to integral. The driving experience in this way is even more exciting.

Kai Sieber, Head of Design Smart, said: “The new Smart # 1 BRABUS is the perfect continuation of the long and successful partnership between the two brands. The design is clearly distinct from the other versions thanks to the performance-inspired body kit, with expressive spoilers at the front and rear and side skirts. The look is completed by dedicated wheels, typical BRABUS red accents on the exterior and a dedicated design for the interior ”.

Constantin Buschmann, CEO of BRABUS, added: “For us at BRABUS, partnering with Smart is entirely natural, as we both continue to challenge the status quo to further improve our brands and products. With the brand new # 1 model we continue to further develop our partnership to integrate the essence of BRABUS in a high-performance car and with a future-oriented mobility concept, accessible to a wide variety of customers. We are very satisfied with the result and we consider Smart # 1 as a starting point that marks a new era for our intense collaboration with the manufacturer ”.

The latest generation on-board technology

The essence of mobility is being able to connect people, places and experiences. And the recently presented Smart # 1 was born precisely to achieve this goal, through an engaging and authentic driving experience, which helps the driver to focus on what’s really important. The car offers the driver the support, assistance and all the necessary comfort for safe and connected journeys and an unprecedented driving experience. Drivers and passengers enjoy a surprising integration with on-board technology, thanks to the collaboration with ECARX, software and hardware integration expert. A very important partnership, which today is driving the transformation of vehicles into fully integrated communication and mobility devices. Smart # 1 is the first common project to redefine the user experience in a homogeneous, efficient and pleasant way.

The complete range of Smart # 1: features and prices

We start with the access version, the Pro +, which will be available in Italy at a list price starting from 40,650 euros; we then move on to the Premium – from 44,150 euros – to the Launch Edition – from 45,450 euros – and finally to the BRABUS – with a list price starting at 48,150 euros.

Pre-orders will be open from 18 October 2022 for the four versions and therefore all interested customers will finally be able to order the new Smart # 1 at the nearest agent in the area or online, on the official website. The Launch Edition is the most exclusive model, as the name itself reminds us, the Premium variant instead is the one with the most refined style, the Pro + is awarded for comfort, while the BRABUS for extreme performance.

Yifeng Tan, Head of Connected Cars and Products, Smart Europe, says: “We are very proud of what we have achieved with Smart # 1 which, even in its entry version, offers a very broad package of features usually found only in premium segments. With the different versions, we have managed to condense our offer into very interesting packages, ensuring that all essential elements are included and everything else is available based on the personal taste and lifestyle of future customers ”.

In addition to the equipment already available on the Pro + trim level – a wide range of driver assistance systems, 360-degree camera, intelligent voice assistance, LED lights and an electro-actuated tailgate – the Premium version also offers the audio system by Beats, Head -Up Display (HUD), CyberSparks + LED Matrix headlights and automatic parking assistance. The exceptional and performing Smart # 1 BRABUS also offers all-wheel drive and features unique and distinctive features and customizations.

The news for customers

With Smart # 1 the House changes its business and sales model with a fully integrated, online and customer-centered approach, supported by a network of agents strongly rooted in the territory. For this new digital approach, Smart uses ALD’s offer of integrated financial services. Payment transactions for European customers will be handled by another reputable partner, to be announced soon. You can book, buy, subscribe or rent a Smart # 1 with just a few clicks, in paperless mode. Pre-orders for the Italian market will start from 18 October, with prices starting from 40,650 euros.

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