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Snoop Dogg
Author: Rex Features / East News

Shock and disbelief! Who would have thought that crazy rapper Snoop Dogg was excited about the latest news from the British royal family? Nay! The hip-hop player claims in a recent interview that he knows some of its members well. He talked and said such things that more than one rubs his eyes in amazement.

The rapper about crazy parties and smoking marijuana and the British royal family? It would seem that this is irreconcilable! And yet it turns out that there are more good friends among British aristocrats, not to say Snoop Dogg homies than you might think. And Snoop Dogg himself said in an interview for “The Mirror”! The hiphopper claims in a recent interview that he knows some members of the British royal family well. He talked and said such things that more than one rubs his eyes in amazement. What did he tell journalists about Prince William and Prince Harry? “They’re my boys!” Snoop Dogg burst out at the mere mention of them. As he added, as soon as he heard that William and Harry were his fans, he immediately contacted them himself. “They know they can always do the same,” he says of his lifelong friendship. What does he have to say about Meghan and Harry?

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He is one of the few who says only good things about them! “I said Prince Harry had balls when he didn’t invite Trump to his wedding. And now I’m saying he has even bigger balls. He and Meghan live the way they want and it can’t be easy for them when the whole world judges them.” But they have to live their own lives, and they have my great respect for that. If they want to come over for Thanksgiving, they get invited for something special. They can come to my cabin! ” – the rapper invites. I wonder what he wants to treat the princely couple? Both Harry and Meghan reportedly used to smoke herbs, which are especially appreciated by Snoop …

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