so they empty it, the new scam is terrible

Italians today are looking for a lot of savings for what concerns the supermarket.

In fact, it is not only the gas bills that have risen tremendously but it is also the cost of shopping.


Spending is becoming more and more expensive because of inflation and the war in Ukraine make the costs of food raw materials ever higher.

Double scam at the supermarket

So families try to save in every way.


However, even the most successful family can fall into the traps of the supermarket. And some are truly insidious. Let’s try to understand what is happening. The supermarket manages to make the consumer spend much more but today scams are arriving real that can really empty the accounts of Italians. Let’s go in order and see to understand what is happening.

What happens with the prices and the scam

First of all, the supermarket manages to make the consumer spend much more through a series of psychological tricks that go so far as to make him buy up to 30% of useless goods. 30% more merchandise is clearly a sting but let’s see how to defend ourselves. The way to defend yourself at the supermarket is to make a shopping list first. In fact, if you stick to the shopping list that you compiled when you were at home you will not buy a lot of useless goods. But today supermarkets also offer very bulky food packages but with little product. The way to defend against this is to compare the price per kg and no longer the simple price.

The scam that empties your credit card

By doing this you will not be fooled by the bulky packaging. But a scam that is running on the internet takes advantage of the Italians’ desire to save to stang them at the supermarket. In fact, scammers posing as well-known supermarket chains offer rich shopping vouchers if you answer a survey. Italians respond to this survey but then it is time to pay a small contribution to shipping costs to be able to receive them at home the good. It will be by making this payment with the credit card that the scammers will be able to have access to the card and take a much greater amount. So for Italians to be careful in the supermarket is absolutely essential.

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