so Véronique blocks the market-

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The woman, who also gives the surname to the midfielder, holds hostage the teams in which her son plays amid economic claims and requests for technical guarantees

He held Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City are in check and now it’s doing the same with Juventus and Manchester United, effectively blocking the Juventus market. Vronique Rabiot, Adrien’s mom, midfielder at Massimiliano Allegri’s court, has always been like this: either you do as you say or you don’t do anything about it. Without fear of creating confusion and discontent.

And without the sale of Rabiot, Juventus cannot sink the blow on Paredes, the director chosen to illuminate the game of a team that has the duty to fight for the Scudetto, as the Juventus coach has said several times.

In Paris they know Madame Rabiot well. In 2019 no agreement on the renewal and farewell to France to land at Juventus. But Turin also had to struggle a lot on the negotiation for the engagement (7.5 million euros net per year). To demonstrate how Madame Rabiot is accustomed to being respected by anyone and to maneuver firmly whatever concerns the child.

In Manchester, on the City side, back in 2008when Adrien was only 13 years old and a promise of French youth football, Vronique did not have too many problems at to pack up again only a few months later because certain agreements had not been respected. Back in Paris in 2013 – at the age of 18 – Mrs Rabiot demanded that he be sent on loan to Toulouse for six months.

But certain tensions were also breathed in Rome in 2014. Walter Sabatini, director of the Giallorossi at the time, sniffed the deal of hiring the midfielder a zero parameter, but did not deal with the player’s agent mother. They whispered they flew sparks with a lot of Vronique’s claims to speak with the coach Rudi Garcia. He wanted technical guarantees for his son, nothing came of it.

Problems also with France on how to get Adrien to play in the national team, fueling tensions with the staff of Laurent Blanc, the first coach of Didier Deschamps. The latteror killed Rabiot from the tour of the Bleus for two years, when in 2018 Adrien decided to refuse the call-up for Russia 2018 (later won by France in the final with Croatia) because he did not want to be a reserve. He tried to mediate the federal president, Nol Le Grat, by refusing to meet his mother, who apparently wanted to go to the peace summit instead of the midfielder. And Madame Vronique called him a liar in an interview with The team.

In short, a feared woman who leaves nothing to chance. Perhaps she runs the risk of appearing bulky, but her way of treating and making herself respected. The parents of Mbapp and Pogba also noticed this with whom he had a quarrel during the European Championships last summer, responding in tone to the criticisms in the VIP stands against their son during the game lost in the second round, on penalties against Switzerland. Woe to anyone who touches it. After all, still a mother.

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