Social media make fun of the latest Hong Kong government commercial where two young flutists play with a double mask

A video released by the Hong Kong Education Bureau showing schoolchildren wearing double masks while playing the flute has sparked ridicule on social media. The spot was released ahead of the Chinese National Day on October 1st. The announcement also comes after Hong Kong imposed a further extension of Covid restrictions, including the use of face masks. It is one of the few remaining cities that have maintained strict Covid measures since the pandemic broke out. The video, titled “Young China Says”, which focuses on Hong Kong youth, shows several schoolchildren performing in a range of artistic pursuits, including singing, calligraphy, martial arts and musical performances. More than 400 students from 41 high schools were invited to participate in the video, which lasted over 5 minutes. At second 45, the video shows two masked schoolgirls playing the flute side by side with what appear to be two masks and an additional flap of fabric covering the musical instrument. Users flocked to social media to ridicule the ad. “This city never fails to surprise me,” tweeted South China Morning Post correspondent Jeffie Lam, adding the hashtag #maskingtilltheendoftheworld. Another comment on Facebook said: “This will lead to a lot of jokes.” “This is Hong Kong’s level of fear of Covid,” commented a Twitter user. The video was released as Hong Kong announced earlier this week that Covid restrictions will be in effect until at least 5 October, including social distancing and wearing masks in vehicles and certain public places. Hong Kong has closely followed China’s lead when it comes to Covid regulations, a move that analysts say has damaged the economy and dwindled Hong Kong’s attractiveness as a business center. Hong Kong also remains one of the few places in the world to require travelers from overseas to be quarantined upon arrival, although officials are expected to make a highly anticipated announcement on Friday to ease the legislation. Since the pandemic broke out, China has adopted a strict zero Covid policy, which has seen the implementation of rolling shutdowns, tight restriction of movement within the country and mass testing, often with warning. sudden.


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