Sofia Vergara loses legal battle against her ex Nicholas Loeb

Colombian actress must pay a large sum to former for the frozen embryos.

Sofia Vergara he has been married to Joe Manganiello for about four years. However, the shadow of your past relationship is still giving headaches. And is that from 2014, ex-boyfriend, Nick Loeb, sued to require the embryos that at some point the couple took the decision to freeze with the intention of becoming parents in the future. Since then, there have been three occasions in which Loeb has faced legal action against the protagonist Modern Family.

Despite the constant struggle of colombian actress to recover such embryos –which continue to be frozen– a judge in Los Angeles has been ordered to pay a sum of nearly 80 billion dollars to his ex-partner and promised.

The sum is intended to cover the fees of the attorneys of Loeb, as well as other costs such a legal battle.

All of the details in the video above.

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