Sofia Vergara talks about how is their life in confinement

by: Notimex – 27 May 2020, 08:18 pm

MEXICO (Notimex).- The colombian model and actress Sofia Vergara shared details of their dynamics of family life during the current confinement result of the pandemic by the COVID-19, and at the same time made a reflection about the relationship with her husband, actor Joe Manganiello, who said he felt very close.

In an interview with People magazine the actress of 47 years, spoke of the routine that keeps you in your home next to her husband: “we don’t have to be one above the other. That has helped. [Joe] exercising in the gym, while I’m recording some things or he has his meetings Zoom in your office.”

Both actors live with her son Manolo and niece of Vergara, Claudia 27 years and share the space with their three pets. Sofia explained that she lives in a big house so that each one has their own space and their hours of work, which has led to that coexistence is favorable among all.

Vergara also commented that each member of the family has tasks to perform within the house, since her son Manolo, 27 years old, is the one who cooks for everyone; on the other hand, her niece Claudia is in charge of washing the dishes, while Manganielo has the task of picking up the mail and feed the dogs; for she said that is dedicated to cleaning and home organization.

Sofia stated that she feels very close to her husband and that also has kept quiet during the forties: “In reality, we have been very good. It is as if we would not have gotten under the skin of the other”.

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