Sopot TOP of The TOP Festival 2021. Majka Je¿owska put on a different approach. Kayah, on the other hand, has not put on her shoes

Sopot TOP of The TOP Festival 2021 has started. During the first day of the music event, two concerts will take place: #FOREVER YOUNG and #I LOVE SOPOT. Here are the stylizations of the stars on the wall and the Sopot stage.

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Kayah at Sopot TOP of The TOP Festival 2021

At the Sopot TOP of The TOP Festival 2021, among others, Kayah. The singer chose not to wear her shoes with her golden-green, oriental-like two-piece outfit.

KayahKayah Piotr Matusewicz / Piotr Matusewicz / East News

Agnieszka Woźniak-StarakWoźniak-Starak on Sopot TOP of The TOP in a feathered creation

Majka Jeżowska at the Sopot TOP of The TOP Festival 2021

Majka Jeżowska could not miss the Tuesday concert, who sang her great hits. The singer chose a pink dress with frills and pompoms with a black blouse and trousers of the same color. She definitely drew attention to herself.

Majka JeżowskaMajka Jeżowska Wojciech Strozyk / REPORTER / East News

Sylwia Grzeszczak at Sopot TOP of The TOP Festival 2021

Sylwia Grzeszczak posed for photos on the festival wall. The singer put on a blue suit with a printed pattern of white clouds and a cutout on the belly. White pumps appeared on the singer’s legs. She also performed on stage in this outfit.

Sylwia GrzeszczakSylwia Grzeszczak FOTOMAG / ONS

Radosław Majdan, Małgorzata Rozenek, Rafał Brzoska, Omenaa MensahMałgorzata Rozenek and Radek Majdan are partying again with Mensah and Brzoska

Anna Karwan at the Sopot TOP of The TOP Festival 2021

Anna Karwan opted for a very classic, white and black set. However, she showed a claw, for example on a skirt with a slit, thanks to which the artist could “play” with her leg like Angelina Jolie once did. She also opted for transparent shoes.

Anna KarwanAnna Karwan FOTOMAG / ONS

Krzysztof Zalewski at Sopot TOP of The TOP Festival 2021

Not only the women’s styling attracted attention during the Tuesday event. Krzysztof Zalewski sang dressed in a white T-shirt, a jacket and pants with a zebra pattern. He complemented it with sporty lace-up shoes.

Krzysztof ZalewskiKrzysztof Zalewski FOTOMAG / ONS

Nick Sinckler at Sopot TOP of The TOP Festival 2021

Nick Sinckler also appeared at the concert and sang their joint hit with Kayah. The singer appeared in the set – a sweatshirt and wide trousers above the ankle. How many colorful spots were there!

Nick SincklerNick Sinckler VIPHOTO / EAST News

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