Sousa admitted having made a mistake in the match against Hungary. “If I could turn back time” Polish national team

The Polish national team had a guaranteed participation in the March play-offs to the World Cup in Qatar, but with a win or a draw with Hungary, it could be among the seeded teams, thanks to which it would play the first match at the National Stadium. It did not happen, however, because the Polish team lost 1: 2. For the last time Poland lost at the National Stadium in March 2014, when the Scots turned out to be better (0: 1).

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What does Poland have to do to go to the World Cup? Playoffs of horror and big money

After this match, much criticism fell on Robert Lewandowski and Paulo Sousa, who agreed that the captain of the Polish national team would rest in the match against Hungary, allegedly due to the large number of minutes played by Lewandowski.

Cezary Kulesza, Robert Lewandowski and Paulo SousaKulesza sharply commented on the confusion around Lewandowski and Sousa. “I was furious”

“We talked about my performances with coach Paulo Sousa even before the training camp. I signaled that by playing so many matches and knowing my body, I may not be in optimal disposition in both matches. The coach rightly did not want to underestimate the match against Andorra. Together we agreed that I would play in this game and in case of winning, other players will get a chance in the match against Hungary. The decision at the end always belongs to the coach, but I confirm that it was agreed with me. statement by Robert Lewandowski.

Paulo Sousa admitted making a mistake in the Lewandowski case. “I could manage better”

Right after the game, Sousa said it was the right time to change, and that “everyone is smart” after losing the game. However, now everything indicates that the coach has changed his mind. In an interview with Jacek Kurowski from TVP Sport, Sousa admitted his mistake.

– When you ask questions, I always try to explain what I mean. This time I realized that I had made a mistake in this situation. Because I commit them. I made this decision because I thought it was the best and I had arguments for it. But I realize it wasn’t the best decision. I would have acted differently. I could better manage Robert’s playing minutes. I was able to manage the team much better against Andorra, but we can’t just talk about Lewandowski. He is the best player in the world, but we tried something different. I was wrong, I realize, I would have done it completely differently. If I could turn back time, I would take Robert off in Andorra and put him in the starting line-up for Hungary – admitted the Polish national team selector.

Paulo Sousa and Robert LewandowskiPZPN lost a lot of money on the defeat of Hungary. The president of the WZPN revealed the amount

The play-off pair draw will take place on Friday, November 26 at 17:00. The semi-finals will be played on March 24 and 25, 2022, and the finals will be held on March 28 and 29. Poland will play in the semi-finals against Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden or Wales.

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